Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is  tough.  You want good rankings in the search engines, but Google keeps changing the rules and your competition is getting smarter all the time.

You need a safe pair of hands to take the pressure off and let you get back to business.  You need a team with a proven track record in delivering results for companies both large and small.  You need to know that your search engine visibility is being managed by experienced SEO professionals.

Expect SEO Success

  • Improved rankings for your key phrases
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Better quality, more relevant visitors to your site
  • Generate more leads and enquiries

Why Choose Hallam?

You get a tailored service, not an automated package

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to search engine optimisation, and we don’t churn out packages like a production line.  Our team will assess your SEO needs and create a bespoke campaign to suit your objectives and complement your overall business strategy.

You get the benefit of our business experience

Our techniques have been successful time and time again – and we have the track record and testimonials from happy clients to prove it.  We will use our tried and tested SEO tatics to deliver tangible results for you.

You can talk to us

We don’t hide behind our computers – we’re available if you ever need to talk about the progress of your SEO project.  We don’t take your money and run, we’ll keep in touch with you

We only use ethical SEO tactics to improve your rankings

We are in it for the long run and you should be too.  We make sure that all of our SEO techniques are in line with the rules of the search engines, so that your online success is sustainable.

We don’t do spam and we don’t do any of the search engine optimisation tricks that could damage your rankings in Google or any of the other search engines.

We keep up to date so that you don’t fall behind

We know that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, so we’re always learning the latest SEO best practices.  Everyone at Hallam is dedicated to staying up to date with the fast moving world of online marketing – to ensure results for you today and tomorrow.

We talk in a language that you understand

We don’t expect you to know the technical jargon and specialised terms that SEO experts use.  We will always use plain English when talking about your campaign, and we are happy to work with your technical teams so that you don’t have to learn to speak geek.