Google appears to be running experiments on very many different things, and now it is testing a search display with 12 site links for the top ranking company.

Here is what I’m seeing, and I have to admit it looks very strange:

12 google sitelinks 2011


Getting a huge number of links like this is clearly good for dominating the first page of resuts, but what triggers these 12 Google site links?

I am seeing these site links using Firefox, and it doesn’t appear to be only in Chrome as previously reported in some blog posts

The 12 only appear to be triggered for highly specific searches, for instance our company name

I have absolutely no idea how it is choosing which 12 to display;  in this example it is a mix of service pages, sales pages, and rather random blog posts.  See below for another variation on the links.

The geeks amongst you might want to explain why I initially see all 12, and then there appears to be a refresh to show the more typical 8.  I had to do a quick screen grab for this image


Run the search again, and you’ll get a different mix of site links, in a different order…

12 google sitelinks changed

3 responses to “Google Sitelinks 2011: 12 site links”

  1. Mark Plunkett says:

    Just noticed these sitelinks this morning on our website!

    Very interesting progression, I wonder if users will actually find it useful?

  2. Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

    Update 17 August:

    Dave Chaffey has written a very useful guide assessing the implications of the changes to Google Sitelinks:

  3. Drew says:

    Interestingly we’ve seen a significant rise in our traffic over the last two days and on closer inspection it’s down to our organic traffic, now I’d like to say it’s all down to the ‘excellent’ SEO work we’ve been doing but I can’t take that one, so if one is connected to the other then it is having a positive impact on us.

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