13 tips for improving your digital marketing

Posted on 22/06/2020 by Team Hallam

Our digital presence is more important than ever, and yet we may be inadvertently making blunders and missing out on simple things to make our personal and business reputations shine. Susan shares her top mistakes she thinks will make you cringe and give you 13 more actions to shine up your online reputation. (Webinar, Powerpoint slides and recommended links)

I had the pleasure of delivering a digital marketing webinar for Lady Val’s Networking  and she kindly granted me permission to share the materials with you here. If you are not aware of Lady Val, she facilitates a very impressive ladies’ networking group, and leads on the Corbett Foundation, a coalition of more than 50 decision-makers of major rehabilitation charities and organisations dedicated to reducing re-offending by supporting people with convictions find and keep a job.

My inspiration from this workshop came from my own review of my personal online presence, and also for the kinds of recommendations we are often making for our clients. From Google My Business to LinkedIn, Zoom to Email Marketing, this webinar is a ramble through some quick, easy and effective changes you can be making to your own digital marketing.

Here are the links to the webinar, slides from my presentation, and references to the resources I mentioned.


Slide deck


13 tips for improving your digital marketing: Susan Hallam from Susan Hallam

Resources mentioned in the webinar:


  1. How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
  2. Measuring your social impact using BuzzSumo
  3. Leadfeeder: tracking your website visitors
  4. Creating a great Google My Business profile
  5. Targeting your ideal customer using LinkedIn advertising
  6. COVID Marketing Hub
  7. Don’t forget to use email marketing
  8. Using Zoom well
  9. Be more social on your social media
  10. Creating your customer personas
  11. Using Answer the Public to research what your customers are searching for
  12. Focus on your mobile marketing
  13. Don’t forget the inevitable…. Facebook legacy contact

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13 tips for improving your digital marketing

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