10 May 2015 marks the date that Hallam celebrates its 15th anniversary in the digital marketing industry, and what an amazing 15 years it has been.

As we prepare to celebrate our 15th anniversary, it’s been fun to look back on the dramatic changes that have taken place on the Internet, and in particular the evolution of our own website. I will be writing various articles during our celebration year, reflecting on changes in the digital marketing industry, lessons we’ve learned, and why working in the digital marketing industry remains one of the most interesting jobs available.

We’ve had a lot of fun digging around the archives, and finding screenshots of what our site used to look like over the years.

See our 6 web designs over 15 years, and how our site has evolved


This site was one our first proper website, and it was designed by an agency formerly known as Jupiter Design with support and assistance from Fardad Amirsaeedi, at what was BusinessLink. Note that the company is called Hallam Communications Ltd, and we were using the domain name www.shcl.co.uk

Hallam 2006



Our first fully responsive web design, a full 8 years before Google made responsive design a search ranking signal. It was at this stage that we introduced the search box at the top right, as well as the ability to subscribe to our newsletter.  And our logo has been updated and is no longer making use of the words “Communications Ltd”

One clever design element is the road through the trees in the main header banner. The banner would resize depending on the size of your browser window, showing either more or fewer trees.

And our our blog content is taking a prominent position in the design in order to help our SEO and to make our articles more readily accessible to our readers.

Hallam 2007


2008 sees a real focus on segmenting our service offerings, creating stronger calls to action, and developing a brand that could be trusted.

This was our first foray into using the colour orange so powerfully in the design, which also works well with they greys and blacks.

Hallam 2008


What proved to be my least favourite web design, in 2011 we lost our way a bit with the look and feel, but introduced powerful customer testimonial videos and started to focus more strongly on the evidence of the results we attained for our clients.

Hallam 2011


2012 sees the introduction of social signals in the top right corner on our Home Page, and a complete Author Profile page for each our our talented consultants. It was also the first time we made use of a grid system to enable the site to be fully mobile friendly.

Another change to our logo representing the changeover of our company name from Hallam Communications, to what our name now, Hallam.

Hallam 2012


The current incarnation of our website that went live in 2013.  This design placed greater focus on user experience, the sophistication of our content management system, and cross platform design.

And, we’re very pleased to say we are in the process of starting to plan our new design.  Watch this space!

Hallam 2015


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