Google+ has been neither the disaster that everyone expected nor the roaring success that Google had hoped. It isn’t the ghost town that some reports would have you believe but it adoption by everyday businesses is slow.

What we do know is that Google+ is likely to be important in the coming years and if you haven’t signed up yet or got your business on there you need to get cracking.

What follows is a list of Internet Marketing folk that I believe should be in everyone’s circles. They have been picked based on a number of criteria (not everyone fulfils all of the criteria – but they often get close!) and it is important to point out that this isn’t just a list of the best known…

  • They post on Google+ on a regular basis
  • They share cherry pick and share only the best content
  • They can teach you a thing or two about most areas of Internet Marketing (although a lot have specialities)
  • They are generous with their time
  • They are willing to interact (although most are busy) and think social media is about being social
  • They don’t take themselves too seriously and are up for a laugh
  • They don’t just share internet marketing content – you can learn other cool stuff to – serendipity wins!

So without further ado (and in no particular order) here is the list…click on the name to visit their stream or get the whole circle here. Also included is their own tagline from Google+ – see how they describe themselves!

Tadeusz Szewczyk

Tad Chef

I help people with blogs, social media and search both in German & English


Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre

SEO Strategist from the Philippines


Gabriella Sannino


Organic SEO Consultant | International Marketing Strategist | Managing Partner at Level343


Jennifer Sable Lopez

jen lopez

Community Manager at SEOmoz – Loves SEO, Social Media & all things geeky


Dharmesh Shah


Founder and CTO of HubSpot


Dan Shure

dan shure

Search Engine Optimization


Gianluca Fiorelli


SEO & Web Marketer founder of Curious, mindful, listener, emphatic, creative, well rounded, respectful


Julie Joyce

julie joyce

Not as mean as first appears


Dave Chaffey

dave chaffey

Sharing ideas on the latest digital marketing strategies and techniques


Joe Hall

joe hall

web developer, writer, marketer, and artist


Gaz Copeland

gaz copeland

Stoked SEO & Internet Marketing


Rand Fishkin


SEOmoz CEO; frequent traveler/blogger/speaker; passionate about all things tech & inbound marketing


Jonathon Colman

jonathan colman

Agile SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Inbound Marketing, Social Media, and Web Analytics


Cyrus Shepard

cyrus shepard

Web Strategist and Marketing Consultant


Alessio Madeyski


Industrial SEO – Traveller – Listener


AJ Kohn

aj kohn

SEO, Marketing, Product Strategist


Bill Slawski

bill slawski

Interested in seo, search engines, searcher’s behaviors, and how the Web works.


Ian Lurie

ian lurie

Internet marketing blogger. Founder and CEO, Portent, Inc., SEO and all around curmudgeon. Lover of data. Hater of buzzwords. Believes good internet marketing can save the world.


Avinash Kaushik


Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist


Aleyda Solis


International SEO Consultant based in Madrid


Danny Sullivan

danny sullivan

Editor,, covering Google, SEO, PPC, search engines and search marketing.


Mark Traphagen


Director of Social Media Marketing at Virante : Social Media | Google+ | Content Marketing


Wil Reynolds

wil reynolds

Founder of SEER Interactive, a search marketing agency


Peter Attia

peter attia

I like banjos and SEO


Paul Gailey Alburquerque


Internet Marketing, Inbound, SEO & Social media. Murcia, España


Gisele Navarro Mendez


SEO girl | Social media lover | Connector in the making


Michael J. Kovis

michael kovis

I develops things on the internetz and then SEO’z them.


Kelvin Newman

kelvin newman

I organise #brightonseo, present a popular internet marketing podcast & wrote an ebook on link building


Anthony Pensabene


writer, drummer, poet, dreamer, helper, thinker


5 responses to “29 Internet Marketing Folk You Should Connect With on Google+ (Plus)”

  1. Thanks for the inclusion! Great list, too.

  2. Anthony Pensabene says:

    Thanks for including me, Wayne. You know you’d be included in my must-follow list.

  3. Christopher Parry says:

    Useful to know! I also follow someone called Neil Patel. He often writes some useful posts on SEO, online marketing and more. His blog can be found at

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