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I’m often asked what tools I use to streamline my use of social media.  There are so very many social media tools on the market, but which ones should you use?   In the interest of keeping things simple, if I could only choose three to recommend to you, here they are:

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Buffer is free social media automation tool designed to save you time.

Why is Buffer top of the list?

  • Scheduling:  Use Buffer to pre-draft and post-date your social updates, meaning you don’t have to be continuously online
  • Speed:  See content you want to share? Buffer’s one click application makes it quick to share content from anywhere on the net
  • Integration:  Use Buffer from anywhere you work:  it integrates with Chrome, with you iPhone or Android, with your RSS feed reader
  • Simplicity:  Manage the content in multiple social profiles:  Buffer handles Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Optimisation:  Create your own publication schedule, so you send your content out at a time best suited to reaching your audience
  • Analysis:  learn what kinds of tweets got the most engagement, what time of day works best for you, who interacts with your content


IFTT  lets you set up flexible rules to automate social media processes.

IFTT; stands for If This… Then That.  When something happens, then you can schedule something else to happen next.

One rule we use in the company is to automate our consultants individual Tweets into our central company Twitter account.

Using IFTTT language:

If @SusanHallam sends out a tweet containing the ^ character in her tweet

Then retweet her tweet from the central @HallamInternet account

You can use IFTTT to automate processes from all the social networks, and the “recipe” you create are only limited to your imagination.

  • Use IFTTT to archive your social media activity.
  • Automatically publish your blog posts onto your Google+ account
  • Monitor social activity, and take appropriate action

What is best of all, there are hundreds of recipes folk have kindly shared on the IFTTT website.




Hootsuite is a powerful social listening tool

Hootsuite is the the grand old dame of social media automation applications. Like Buffer, you use it to manage multiple social media profiles and schedule your updates.

I choose to use Buffer as my scheduling tool and Hootsuite as my listening tool.

You can configure Hootsuite to keep an eye on activity that will help you to sharpen up your marketing:

  • what our competitors are talking about
  • what our customers are talking about
  • where our company has been mentioned, even if they haven’t used our @HallamInternet Twitter handle
  • where our consultants are being mentioned
  • who is engaging in conversation using #hashtags that we’re interested in

Interested in getting started but need some help?

That’s what we’re here for.  We can sit down with you, get things set up correctly, help you develop your plan.

Get the skills and confidence you need to manage your social media efficiently and effectively!

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