As a business, having a lovely, well-optimised website is not your cue to kick back and relax. Getting your site right on-page is only half the battle. Link building is one of the most important elements of SEO as a means of building a robust web presence. Getting relevant and authoritative sites to link back to you can generate sales leads, strengthen your brand and send traffic.

The following link building methods are well worth putting into practice.

Claiming links back from your copied images

This can be a really good little tactic for boosting your link equity without too much effort. If you have a website with a lot of quality images on it, you can be almost certain someone out there in internet land has used one elsewhere.  Asking for a link back from a site that has used one of your images is often a fruitful exercise. You don’t even have to get heavy with them, just ask!

You can find this out using the following approach:

  1. Have a root around your site for some of the best images; pick one and copy the URL for this image
  2. Go to Google Images and paste your URL into the search box
  3. Click on the little camera icon
  4. Check out the results!

As an example, I have found an image of Google Capo, Matt Cutts – as featured on Search Engine Land:


google image search example

Run a Competition – get some link love back!

Consider thinking up an exciting contest which bloggers can get involved in. The nature of the competition very much depends on your business. If you own a company which prints T-Shirts and hoodies, you  could run a T-Shirt design competition. You can set linking back to your site as one of the criteria for entry.  Draw up a list of the most influential bloggers in the relevant fields (in this case, fashion, art or design) and get to work contacting a few of them to run the idea by them. This will help you gauge levels of enthusiasm for the contest and ascertain what sort of prize would make it worth their while.   Doing a bit of ‘market research’ beforehand will certainly pay off.  Running a competition is often a lengthy project but it’s a great opportunity to make connections with key influencers and get some links back from relevant sites.

Get People to Review your Products

This works well if you happen to be a business dealing in material goods. Although, if you are a service business – particularly an SaaS provider, you can offer your software on a free trial basis to magazine sites and bloggers. This method can work pretty much using the same principle as running a competition. Firstly, you can identify the key movers and shakers within your industry (this can include bloggers and should). Then you can email a select few and ask them if they would like to review your product and write about it.  This can provide a great opportunity to get your product promoted and earn yourself a link back to your site.

2 responses to “3 Link Building Tips for your Site”

  1. Paul Brook says:

    Great article Laura. Just as with offline PR, you need to be confident in your product/software when seeking reviews as poor reviews will have a more damaging impact than the SEO benefits of inbound links.

    • Laura Swain says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you very much. Yes, you are absolutely right and a really good point! Confidence in your product should be a precondition to your sending it out to be reviewed. You need to be pretty sure that it will deliver what you claim – or that you can be responsive enough to address ‘teething problems’.

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