4 Ways BuzzStream Can Help You Create That PR Buzz

Posted on 26/07/2017 by Team Hallam

Working in PR? Looking for a way to get your news out there more quickly? BuzzStream will help you get good links and coverage without compromising on quality.

While every PR professional wants to reach out to as many journalists and editors as possible, sending out thousands of random non-personalised emails looks like spam and could make you end up on a journalist’s blacklist.

That’s where BuzzStream comes in. This clever outreach tool allows you to create large PR campaigns and still retain that personal touch. This blog will cover the basics of BuzzStream and look at what features can help your daily PR work. I’ll try and keep the bee puns to a minimum too!

The BuzzStream Basics

Choosing between quality and quantity is a major dilemma that is especially apparent if you work in PR. Luckily, BuzzStream takes that dilemma away! In its most basic form, BuzzStream allows you to upload large media lists and create personalised pitches that can be sent out en mass. You can also conduct follow up campaigns with ease, keep track of link targets and brand mentions and create reports of your progress. Here are four ways BuzzStream helps you create that PR buzz.

1. Outreach with a Personal Touch

Perhaps the most popular and useful feature Buzzstream has is its ability to do mass personalised outreach. Once you’ve created your media list in a program like Vuelio, you can import your contacts into your chosen BuzzStream project.

4 ways BuzzStream helps you create that PR buzz

The program cleverly imports all the contact details it can, including names and social media profiles. You can then set up your emails for outreach to all your contacts.

BuzzStream allows you to create one template that can be applied to all your outreach in one click. Simply write your pitch and add in dynamic fields, such as first name, target URLs and much more, which will automatically update based on the contacts you’re targeting.

4 ways BuzzStream helps you create that PR buzz

2. Follow up More Quickly Than Ever

Outreach is all about the waiting game but BuzzStream helps you stay organised. When you start outreaching you can  set yourself a reminder to follow up with any contacts you are yet to receive a reply from.

4 ways BuzzStream helps you create that PR buzz

BuzzStream will send you reminders about all the contacts that have not responded. You can then select follow up and write a set template that will be personalised for all your contacts. A new feature just added by BuzzStream also allows you to send out a bulk, follow up email. Simply select all of your contacts, that need a reminder, then send them a follow-up email template simultaneously that will be tracked in your database.

Don’t worry about feeling like you’re pestering journalists and editors. They get lots of emails, so you might have success from sending reminders.

3. Monitor Your Media

Remember the days of when you had to trawl the web to try and find out if your outreach work has had any success? Well, those days have finally buzzed off! BuzzStream has an integrated link monitor that gives you an overview of all your contacts and if they have linked back to you in the content you sent them.

4 ways BuzzStream helps you create that PR buzz

You can also check if the anchor text used for the link has SEO value, if it is a follow or no follow link, or if its linking to the incorrect page. The link monitor keeps you updated on how your outreach campaign is working in real time.

4. Find People Who Care

BuzzStream also contains a discovery tool that helps you find key influencers and bloggers who will be interested in what you’re talking about. Simply enter your key search terms into the Discovery search box and BuzzStream will offer a potential list of bloggers, journalists and key influencers.

4 ways BuzzStream helps you create that PR buzz

You can then add the influencer to your outreach project, safe in the knowledge that they are interested in what you’re talking about.

Quality Efficient Outreach!

BuzzStream helps you conduct bespoke, mass outreach quickly. You can personalise every email you send from your media list to enhance your chances of standing out in a crowded market. You can also set reminders, so you follow up on messages sent to key journalists quickly and manage your entire PR campaign in one easy-to-use place.

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4 Ways BuzzStream Can Help You Create That PR Buzz

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