I love a good presentation, but more often than not if you were not at the event the crux of the presentation can be lost in translation. A great presentation is engaging, often fun, informative and delivered with passion. But if you can make your slide deck its own entity as well it can have a life of its own on the Internet via sites like slideshare. Today we have some of my favourite SEO presentations of recent months, coupled with some tips on how to make your presentations engage people even after you have given it.

A great slide deck or PowerPoint presentation will contain at least some of the following:

  1. Strong and bold visuals
  2. Clear headings and clear path
  3. The text will be big and will not go into to too much detail
  4. It will be simple in design and not have too many colours or switch fonts
  5. It will not have loads and loads of data (remember you are not going to be around to talk people through the data)
  6. It will use clear fonts and NOT BE ALL CAPITALISED
  7. It will use lists and bullet points to succinctly explain the points
  8. It will use pictures and diagrams to explain complex ideas
  9. It will be quickly scannable

A great presentation essentially has the same best practices as good web design and usability. With this in mind you can try and give your presentations a way to live on indefinitely after the conference has passed…

In addition here are 6 of my favourite SEO presentations from the last few months or so (one is a bit older than that!) – hopefully they show that presentation can be exciting, can be visually and mentally stimulating and can get their points across, even in the absence of the speaker.

10 Steps to Great SEO: InfusionCon 2011

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