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The world of Digital PR quietens down slightly in the summer. So I thought I'd pass on a few social media tips for summer to help maintain your productivity.

Summer is here and whilst temperatures may be on the rise, things usually cool down in the office. Colleagues, clients and media contacts will be off on their summer holidays, leaving us with some distinctive mellow time.

Fear not, you can actually turn this down time into productive use on social media. Whether you have a new product, a campaign or simply want to revamp your image – use these six social media tips to help boost your productivity:

1  – Take Advantage of Seasonality

The Olympic Games in Rio, heatwaves, music festivals, cultural events or BBQs. The choices are endless. So use this time to maximise your social media efforts with what’s trending right now.

I took advantage of the current publicity around the new Ab Fab movie and Rio 2016 to tweet about our own Hallam Olympics to raise funds for Rainbows Hospice and noticed better engagement on my tweets than normal.

Social Media Tips for summer @NadaGiuffrida


Social Media Tips for Summer @NadaGiuffrida

School holidays are also very topical over the summer, with parents looking for ideas on how to entertain their children during the summer break.

This is a pivotal time if you are in the service industry (restaurants, bars, garden centres, leisure parks etc.) Make sure you use social media to engage with your community and drive visits to your place of business.

You can see how the retailer below has engaged with their customers to bring their children along for a free face painting session below:

Social Media Tips for summer - Housing Units

Or what about creating a buzz about the support you offer to your community or to a local charity?

The football season is starting in ten days’ time, so what about a message like this one to your local club (even better if your club happen to have won the Premier League last season):

Social Media Tips for summer @WestermansInternational

2 – Make the most of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to categorise your tweets and help people to find your content. Conduct some research and create your own hashtag, which customers can use to offer you their feedback. This all helps in getting people to talk about you or your business and create a buzz online.

Remember, when you click on a hashtag on Twitter, you can view all tweets from users that have used that hashtag.

Looking back at our Rainbows fundraising, we created the hashtag #HallamOlympics for our campaign:


And the same hashtag was used in all our ‘thank you’ tweets to all the generous organisations and individuals that donated:

Hallam Internet RT

3 –  Interesting Visual Content

I’m sure you would agree it gets boring when visiting company social media accounts and spotting the same generic branded images or just plain text. Why not use this relatively quiet time to update your social media home pages. You can use this space to advertise an event, a charity do, a sales campaign or any other product that needs pushing. You could even use it to support Team GB when the Olympics start.

Example: The team at Nutella really know how to work their Facebook pages. Their page has the equivalent of more than half of the UK population (over 31 million) following the delicious brand.

Considering they only have the unusual challenge of selling ‘just the one’ product they still manage to come up with interesting, fun and visually appealing videos and images. This makes the content on their pages fresh and easy to follow. Lets look at how they are doing this…


They host monthly competitions to find the ‘Nutella Lover of the Month’. The best one gets featured (and tagged). This one alone was liked by 2.4K people:

-1 Nutella

Here’s another example of how they proactively engage with their followers, throughout the course of the month:

-2 Nutella

Two-Way Conversation and Seasonality:

They speak to their followers regularly, taking inspiration from the outside world: summer, picnics, fishing, etc.

Example 1: 

Nutella 1

Example 2:


Example 3:

-1 Nutella


They offer fun and easy to follow recipes on a daily basis, like this one:


Why not take some inspiration from this much loved brand and add some engaging content to your own social accounts?

4 – New Content

Use this time to create a bank of new content that you can tap into over the coming months.

This could be in the form of blogs or more engaging graphics and videos. These are great for building social media engagement..

Facebook recently launched 360 photos, which allow users to take panoramic photos that can be uploaded and viewed in VR. If you have a low budget for your marketing campaign, this is a great tool as its free and only requires your mobile phone.

5 – Plan Ahead

Planning ahead will help with your new content creation. The office will become busier again over the next quarter, especially leading up to Christmas for B2C companies. You should take in to account some of the following when planning:


The US Presidential Election will be held in November, with many media contact covering the events leading up to and shortly after the decision is made. Do you have a location in America? If the answer is yes, think about whether you could provide some commentary or discussion about how the result will impact your business.

Spicy debates are particular sought after by editors in the weeks running up to the election results night and the days following.

Awareness Days

Awareness days are a great way of getting traction. Whether it is a day relevant to your industry, or you company supports a specific charity every year it is important to plan your promotional activities in advance. Sites like this one list lots of awareness days, so spend some time having a look through and adding relevant events to your marketing and social media calendar.

Big Commercial Hits

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas offer massive commercial opportunities for ecommerce and retail businesses. Start your Black Friday and Christmas planning now to set the wheels of success in motion.

Company anniversaries

Is your company celebrating a significant milestone next year? Plan how you can make the most of this now – could you create a company timeline infographic or video about your history? Or review how your branding has changed over the years? Whatever you decide on doing, create your social media campaign plan now. If you’re feeling really proactive, you could even pre-schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time using tools like Hootsuite.

6 – Good Housekeeping

Polish up your social media accounts. Are they all active? Are they providing useful content and you receiving good engagement?

On LinkedIn you may want to use this time to reconnect with your followers (and maybe clear out the inactive ones).

On Twitter tools like Tweepi help you to find undesirable users to unfollow (e.g. egg profiles, inactive users, spammers) and Untweeps can identify users who don’t tweet regularly.


  • Take advantage of some quiet time in the office to ensure yours and your clients’ social media pages are up-to-date.
  • Check for redundant contacts both on your media lists and social accounts.
  • Use time wisely to draft new content copy to be used ahead.
  • Next big ‘hit’ will be Black Friday and Cyber Mondays for your ecommerce and retailer clients. So use this time to create a plan for that, ready to be put in front of the client first week in September.

I hope you found my social media tips to help your work during quiet times useful. If you have any others you’d like to share, please send me a message: @NadaGiuffrida or leave a comment below.

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