7 Ways To Keep Your Email Subscribers Happy and Interested

Posted on 01/01/2005 by Team Hallam

No matter how good your marketing emails are, you will always have to deal with unsubscribers. This isn’t something you should take personally. Just remember, it’s impossible to please everyone.

However, if you notice an increase in the number of people who unsubscribe, it might indicate that there’s a problem with your email marketing strategy.

In this post, I will highlight seven common email marketing mistakes, and the measures you can take to keep your email unsubscribes as low as possible.

Mistake 1 – Irrelevant Content

If you send people stuff they don’t want to read, don’t be surprised if some choose to opt out. I’ve even experienced this problem myself, when a certain high street department store sent me an email about card holder benefits for people living in Scotland. The problem is, I live in England!

Solution- Segment your list

Segmenting your list will ensure that your subscribers will only ever receive the most relevant information. If your content is more targeted, your readers will be more engaged with what you have to say.


spamMistake 2 – Email Frequency

This could be you sending emails too often, or not often enough. Email subscribers don’t like to be bombarded with emails. I know I get more than enough spam throughout the course of the day. But at the same time, if you’re not keeping in regular contact with your subscribers, your sporadic email might catch them off guard and trigger an unsubscribe.

Solution – Maintain expectations

Ensure you stick to a regular mailing schedule. If you say you are going to email a subscriber every Friday morning, make sure you send them an email every Friday morning. You may also want to give your subscribers the option to choose how frequently they receive your updates. Many companies offer the option at sign up to choose a daily summary, or a weekly update.


Mistake 3 – Bad Email Design

Whether your calls to action lead to the wrong landing page on your website, your offers display the wrong prices and products, or your email just won’t open on my super snazzy smartphone; they will all lead me to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Solution – Check your emails work as you intended them to

This is a simple task that many people forget to carry out. It only takes a few minutes to check that all of your links are correct, that you have used the correct images, and that you are using a mobile responsive email template. These little checks could make all the difference between someone looking forward to receiving your email, or hitting that unsubscribe button.


Mistake 4 – Unsolicited mailstop sign

You may be sending emails to contacts that you do not have permission to contact.

Solution – Stop it

This is bad. You are breaking the law and you shouldn’t do it. Stop it.



Mistake 5 – Bad personalisation

My name’s Rainu, but I’ve received so many emails addressed to “Rainy”. I know the “u” and the “y” are next to each other on the keyboard, but that’s still no excuse when my name is clearly spelled differently in my email address.

Solution – Clean your mailing list

Ensure the contact details in your mailing list are accurate and up to date. This includes making sure that you have the correct name, gender, title, and location for each contact. If you are unable to update your mailing list to this level, it might be a good idea to abandon outright the idea of personalised emails.


Mistake 6 – Bad subject lines

If your subject line is misleading, or even offensive, this can lead to a high number of unsubscribes. Think about the number of times you have excitedly opened an email, only to be disappointed by the content not living up to the expectations of the subject line.

Solution – Write clear and concise subject lines

Your subject line should provide a clear indication of the content of the email. Ensure your subject lines are written to encourage people to open your emails, and ensure that your content serves to retain your readers’ interest and drive traffic to your site.


Mistake 7 – End of a sale or offer

You will often see a jump in subscribers during a promotional period. I can’t tell you how many “12 days of Christmas” style mailing lists I signed up to last month. However, I have subsequently unsubscribed from a large number of these as I am no longer interested in what the company has to offer.

Solution – Give new subscribers a reason to stay

A discount or a coupon might be all you need to encourage these new subscribers to stick with you. Even better, if you offer such a thing in exchange for a review, you might even be able to boost your business’s online reputation.



Unsubscribes are an inevitable part of even the best email marketing campaigns. However, if you notice that you are receiving a high percentage of unsubscribes, you should look at taking the actions outlined above to try and reduce this number.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Email Subscribers Happy and Interested

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