8 Tips to generate leads through Facebook

Posted on 21/11/2018 by Team Hallam

Generating leads through Facebook can be a great way to increase sales and show off your social media skills to your managers.

Check out these 8 ways in which you can boost your lead generation expertise through Facebook!

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1. Optimise your business page

So, this may come across as an obvious one, but many fail to complete this step fully. It is of vital importance that your page has all the relevant contact details filled out. This is because users who land on your Facebook business page have often found it themselves and are in search for more information. By providing your business’ contact number, open hours and an address, it may in turn lead to new business. You can also use your Facebook page to showcase a website link and implement a CTA, such as ‘Shop Now’.

2. Organic engagement

Optimise your organic posts for engagement, this will not just give the Facebook algorithm positive information on your content, but will allow you to organically grow a loyal fanbase. Users who interact with your content are much more likely to be shown your future posts by Facebook. Building this user trust will allow for strong leads to be generated and may even turn consumers into endorsers! Responding to positive comments and reviews should be natural for a social media marketer. It’s important to make sure you put the time in liking and commenting back to those who have given their time to engage with you. However, if you come across a negative review, don’t worry – check out our top tips on how to respond to negative comments.

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3. Links to your website

Putting a link in every post for Facebook may seem like a great way to generate leads, butFacebook’s algorithm won’t like this very much, as you’re trying to divert traffic away from the Facebook platform. Ideally, you should be looking to create engaging content which will allow the user to want to learn more about your products and services. Links are not a bad thing, and I would never suggest not using them at all. However, you need to get the balance right – I’d recommend a link in the text of every third post.

4. Lead generation adverts

Boosting is great, isn’t it? But do you get the most value from your budget when trying to generate leads? If the answer is no, it’s time for you to take the plunge into Facebook Ads Manager. Allowing you to create sponsored posts with the primary aim of generating leads, this option will open a whole range of new users to your business. Whilst it is important to create great content and even better visuals for this, targeting is key! Be sure to spend time on creating an audience that fully works for your organisation to gain the most reward. If you are unsure on how Facebook Ad Manager works, be sure to check out ‘Get Started with Advertising’ through Facebook Blueprint to increase your knowledge of this great lead generation option. Once you are happy with your targeting, aim to increase your relevance score to make sure that your ads are relevant.

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5. Split testing

Don’t be afraid to spend some of your initial budget on testing, this will allow you to understand how the Facebook marketplace works and how your audience interacts with your lead generation techniques. Although this may seem like you are not getting much ROI at first, the learnings that you make will ensure that the remainder of your budget is being put to full use!

6. Zapier

Did you know a new lead is at its hottest within the first 5 minutes? If you are collecting leads in platform through Facebook Adverts, you’ll know that to access the leads you have to go onto Facebook to view them or download them as a CSV file. Utilising a tool which will send leads straight to your email address is a quick win to be ahead of your competition, and will allow you to act upon the lead in real time. The tool I currently prefer is Zapier, with a free trial of 14 days – why not give it a go?

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7. Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics

Ensuring that Facebook Pixel is set up allows you to link your Facebook ads with Google Analytics. This will allow you to see which adverts have attributed to leads on your website and in turn, allow you to make the correct decision on which adverts to carry on with and which ones to pause or amend. You can find out more about Facebook’s attribution system here.

8. Influencer marketing

If you haven’t tried working with an influencer yet, I would highly recommend it. Not only does it allow for a truly integrated digital campaign, but enhances your marketing efforts to be targeted at a group of users who are highly engaged. These users are more likely to turn into customers as they respect the influencer they follow. With 70% of teens trusting influencers more than traditional celebrities, and Facebook standing out as the most influential social media network, it’s definitely a marketing method that should be considered to gain customers. Still unsure about how influencer marketing can benefit your business? Check out this great range of research tools that you can use to identify the influencers who carry the most social presence within your sector.

A handy checklist…

Recapping on the above, please find below a useful checklist to aid in your adventures of gaining leads through Facebook:

  • Fill out all aspects of your business page
  • Aim for engaging organic content
  • Use links to your website (wisely)
  • Create lead generation adverts through Ads Manager
  • Split test the adverts to understand what works for you
  • Install a tool like Zapier to take advantage of new leads while they’re hot
  • Install Facebook Pixel and get to know Google Analytics

If you have any top tips on generating great leads through Facebook, post them in the comments below!


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8 Tips to generate leads through Facebook

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