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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the set of processes and techniques used to improve your website’s visibility in search engines like Google and Bing. Our SEO campaigns are proven to get more prospective customers to discover your business, increase traffic to your website, and ultimately make your business more successful online.

An emerging force in the UK digital marketing sector, we have a strong track record and SEO industry awards to boot. Located in Nottingham and London, we’re a strategy-led agency showing businesses how to thrive in a digital world. Interested? Let’s get into the detail.

Investing in an SEO agency that knows its stuff is a big decision. But it’s also a long-term, cost-effective marketing strategy that will enable you to achieve your business objectives now and in the future. With your customers transitioning to digital faster than ever, and the evolving nature of search engine algorithms, you need a partner with specialist experience.

That’s where we come in – our experienced team of over 50 multidisciplinary experts have the technical knowledge, strategic planning, automation and cross-team collaboration that you just can’t get with an in-house marketing team, or even most agencies. With 20 years of agency experience, we’ve built a bank of proven results in a huge range of sectors.

We understand a successful SEO strategy is built in line with your business goals. We create bespoke SEO strategies based on our knowledge of your business, your sector and our digital expertise – all underpinned with integrated business data to prove the effectiveness of what we do. It’s all about you – we just help you get where you want to be.

Whether you’re starting local or targeting national visibility, e-commerce or lead generation, B2B or B2C – we can help your business thrive. Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Industry recognition

Our SEO services

We’re not big on bragging, but we’re genuinely experts at what we do. Our wide range of SEO services are always evolving to keep on top of emerging trends, and designed to be bespoke so that we can deliver the best results for you. Take a look at our SEO expertise:

Ecommerce SEO

Create a great online shopping experience that gets your best products seen and sold with an intelligent ecommerce SEO strategy.

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International SEO

Global success requires an international SEO strategy. We’ll take your business to the next level overseas.

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Local SEO

Your SEO strategy needs to focus on attracting the right audience. If you run a local business, we’ll make sure you’re found by the right people, in the right area.

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Technical SEO

Without a solid technical SEO foundation, search engines will struggle to crawl, index and rank your URLs.

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Beyond Foundational SEO

Unlike many other agencies, our technical expertise means we’re able to introduce automation into our SEO activities. This frees up our consultants from repeatable, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on providing you with high-level strategic consultancy. Our technical teams use Python scripting and develop tools to help us achieve better results for your business. We also provide an integrated approach to SEO, working closely with the paid media, content, social, creative and digital PR teams to execute unified, cross-channel strategies that help you achieve your business objectives.

Our approach to SEO

SEO is well known for being a fast-moving and competitive industry. Many of your competitors will have already invested in an SEO agency or in-house experts to rival you in search engines. But what gives you the edge over them? This is where our talented team of strategic SEO consultants shine brightest. With years of industry experience, we can help you navigate the increasingly complex and highly competitive search landscape.

tailored content


Engaging copy, optimised metadata, internal linking and rich anchor text are all key aspects to the perfect page. Without these, your website won’t rank for your target keywords – which isn’t ideal.

Great content is key for any successful website – we should know, we’ve been writing it for years! Our own website is built on a foundation of engaging and informative content. But what makes great content? It all starts with effective research into your industry, competitors, and customers. Understanding how they engage with your business online and what search terms they’re using is essential – your content strategy needs to be grounded in this data. From here, our SEO team brings in our content team to create persuasive, keyword-focused copy that delivers to the user and search engines.

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Perhaps the most important element of SEO, authority has the greatest influence on ranking. We know Google won’t rank your website if it doesn’t trust it. The authority of a website is based on a combination of factors, including the total number, quality (relative authority), and relevancy of inbound hyperlinks from other websites. As part of your SEO strategy, we’ll conduct backlink audits, gap analysis and disavow file updates. Our Digital PR and Content Marketing teams will build new, authoritative links to your website.

We recognise brand mentions and social shares play a role in building authority too. Our creative team aligns your brand with your business goals and our social team amplifies your content through a range of platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

technical integration


An essential foundational element of SEO, the technology used to host and serve your site on the internet can have a huge impact on organic performance. In a highly competitive digital landscape, ensuring that your website meets the technical requirements of search engines has never been more important. This is where our extensive expertise gives you an advantage over your competitors. As part of your SEO strategy, we’ll do regular technical SEO audits to ensure there’s nothing technical holding you back. Site speed improvements, server issues, crawl errors, website migrations – we’ve got you covered.

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Recognised SEO industry expertise

Our expert team regularly writes about the latest SEO trends for leading sites such as Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, The Drum and Econsultancy, while we’ve also partnered with SEMrush on various podcasts and ebooks in the past few years. As well as hosting our own events such as the Nottingham Digital Summit, our staff have been invited to speak at prestigious industry events like SMX San Jose, SMX London, Search Leeds and more.


What our clients say about our SEO services

Don’t just take our word for it – we like to let our clients do the talking when it comes to recommending us as an agency.

The Drum Recommends database is determined entirely by verified, independent client feedback and recognises the top agencies across a wide range of categories.

The Drum Recommends Digital Awards are one of a kind in the digital marketing industry and are now one of the industry’s highest accolades, and we’re proud to have been winners over consecutive years.

Drum review 9.2 recommended rating

Our recent SEO work

“Having worked closely with Hallam for a number of years, I can say that they have provided an essential service, helping to increase our ROI year-on-year. From providing helpful insight and technical expertise to analysing on-page SEO and revising content. Hallam have always been on hand to provide trusted advice for the continued development of Manage At Home.”

Christopher Woolley – Developer, Manage At Home

Manage at home logo

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“Hallam delivered against our stretch targets a year ahead of schedule and have helped us truly transform our website by increasing eCommerce revenue and reducing our over-reliance on our network of dealers. They have the most experienced team in the region and consistently deliver on our online growth targets.”

Elliot Kirk – eCommerce Manager, Raleigh Bikes

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“Our main reason for using Hallam was to improve the performance of our website as a lead generation tool, specifically by increasing the volume of targeted quality traffic to the website. Hallam have done an excellent job in fulfilling that requirement using their expert knowledge and skills to increase the volume of relevant content, ssubstantially growing organic traffic year on year and ultimately increasing the number of relevant quality leads coming through to the business.”

Melissa Collins – Marketing Manager, Indigo Software

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“The key to success is a great content strategy; to ensure we are providing useful, engaging and relevant content to our customers and stakeholders. As our trusted SEO agency, Hallam has been pivotal to ensuring we achieve our goals and are prepared for the future of digital content.”

Tim Atkinson – Digital Content Manager, Nelsons

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  • Why should I work with Hallam SEO agency?

    We’ve been in the SEO game since 1999. We’ve seen it all, and have tried and tested methods to improve the organic visibility & leads for clients from all industries & sectors. With Hallam, you’re in a safe pair of hands. We’ve won The Drum Search Awards for our performance across all services, and won Google’s Premier Partner Award EMEA in 2019. Check out our case studies for more award-winning results.

  • What is different about Hallam?

    Unlike other SEO agencies who implement SEO work in isolation, we’re a full-service digital agency and understand that SEO relies on all the different disciplines in order to make it a success: digital PR & link building, content marketing, brand building, user experience, and technical website performance. We develop strategies that look at the whole picture.

  • What are the typical results?

    In 2019, our clients on average saw a 36% increase in organic traffic year on year. Alongside a 17% increase in conversions. This level of growth is impressive considering organic traffic, in general, has seen a decline due to the growth of zero-click searches and decreased click-through rates from the search results pages.

  • Can you guarantee SEO results?

    We never guarantee particular rankings. And any agency that does is deceiving you. The truth is, Google is constantly updating their algorithm and there will always be uncertain fluctuations. Anyway, rankings aren’t what we should be focusing on. Instead, we aim to increase organic leads, conversions & revenue. Metrics that will have a concrete impact on your business. And we guarantee that with our expert knowledge & experience you will see significant improvements in line with agreed objectives.

  • How long does it take to start seeing results from SEO?

    SEO is a long-term strategy. It can take months, and years, for efforts to fully come to fruition. However, on occasion we have seen results far more quickly. It really does depend on how competitive the search results are for your industry, and what the key elements of the strategy we need to focus on are. Technical and on-page content issues can be a much “quicker fix” than, for example, a low site authority which requires link building and Digital PR as a longer-term solution. It’s also important to remember that SEO is never “complete”. It needs to be worked on constantly in order to keep ahead of the competition.

  • What are backlinks and how do they help SEO?

    Backlinks are links from other websites back to yours. They are important for SEO as they contribute to how authoritative Google judges your website to be. Websites with strong authority (assuming the content is good and the site technically sound) generally have greater visibility in Google & increased organic traffic. However, these backlinks must be from websites that are high quality, relevant to your industry, and authoritative themselves. The focus should be on quality over quantity.

  • How do you report on progress?

    We develop a bespoke Google Data Studio dashboard for each of our clients which summarises performance across SEO, PPC, Social Media, Digital PR and any other channels agreed upon. We also provide a clear & concise commentary to point out successes and areas of improvement. We also use a project management tool that you will have access to so that you have transparency on the activities we are carrying out on a month by month basis and how these tie into the overarching strategy agreed with you to achieve your business objectives.

  • What is the process when working with Hallam?

    When you start working with us, we’ll have an initial workshop with you to understand your business objectives, targets, marketing KPIs and more. We also make it our priority to become familiar with your industry and your customers through market, competitor and keyword research. Once we have presented our strategy back to you based on the above, we get started with a 90 days plan to kickstart organic growth, regularly reporting back to you on progress, and keeping in touch with calls, monthly report meetings & quarterly account reviews. You will also be assigned an Account Manager who will be a primary point of contact to discuss progress.

  • What KPIs and metrics do you use to track progress?

    We report on SEO metrics such as rankings, organic traffic and conversions/revenue achieved via organic traffic. However, we’re also able to link up to your CRM platform to directly report on metrics such as MQLs and new customer acquisitions, so that you have a greater level of visibility on the real-world success of our SEO work.

  • What innovations are unique to you?

    We base our SEO strategies on the foundations of any campaign – authority, technical excellence and relevant, high-quality content. However, our approach is more innovative than your standard SEO agency. We use automation to speed up manual tasks such as redirects to ensure we have the time to focus on the high-value activities and consultancy that will really make the difference in performance. We work alongside our expert development team to identify technical SEO issues such as slow site speeds, so you can rest assured that we have uncovered & fixed anything that could be holding your site back.

SEO training

It’s great providing the knowledge and the strategy, but ultimately we want our clients to become SEO experts themselves – even you! Our comprehensive training days can include bespoke technical SEO, on-page optimisation, Google Analytics, link building training and so much more. We can hold our SEO training sessions for you and your staff either at your offices or ours in Nottingham and London – whatever works best for you. We’ll even bring the snacks!

Upskilling you and your team members with tailored SEO training will unlock a world of opportunities for your business online. Ultimately, we’re here to become your strategic partner; your trusted consultant that provides excellent training, time and time again. So lean on us – it’s what we’re here for.

We are more than just an SEO agency

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Digital PR

Improving your website authority is a key part of any SEO strategy. Securing high-quality backlinks from trusted websites is paramount for the success of your website. Find out how our digital PR team can help you.

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Content Marketing

Great content is the foundation of any good website. Effective content marketing can build backlinks, drive traffic to your website and improve brand awareness – all essential for SEO.

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We work closely with the PPC team to break down silos between the two channels. We understand a strategic, integrated approach across organic and paid search is required to navigate an increasingly complex search landscape.

technical excellence

Web Design

Building a website that performs in search engines is no easy task. Our team of experts collaborate closely with our web development and creative teams at every stage of the process. We’re proud to build sites that look good and more importantly, perform.

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