Last week Susan wrote about some of the changes that Google has made recently and some that she had missed. Without a doubt the last 18 months have been somewhat of a whirlwind and it can be tough keeping up with it all.

I started to review some of the recent changes and jot down a few links (possibly with the aim of writing a blog post) – it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to be the best way of presenting the information.

After a bit of searching and brainstorming I decide to take what I had and start to put it into a timeline. You will see below the fruits of my labour!

In no way do I claim that this is comprehensive (I still have around a thousand links to blog posts that I haven’t used) but it serves as an introductory timeline to the history of Google, algorithm changes and key products. I will endeavour to keep it updated and add other pertinent events – but make no promises 😉

So what have I included in the timeline?

  • Key points in Google’s history as a business
  • Major changes to the algorithm (thanks to Dr Pete for curating this information)
  • Interesting news stories related to the search engine
  • Product releases
  • Discontinued products

A Brief History of Google

The History of Google on Dipity.

Using the timeline


The history of googleThe history of googleThe history of google

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