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In our second to last talk of the day, Susan Hallam spoke with Meaghan Rogers, Agency Development Manager at Google.

Video: A Fireside Chat with Meaghan from Google

Susan Hallam: What is your role at Google?

Meaghan Rogers: I work with Google, based in Dublin. My role as Agency Development Manager sees me working with premier partners in supporting them in sustainability.

SH: How does innovation work in Google?

MR: It works in a number of ways:

  • Give freedom to your teams. It’s not unusual for a member of the team to focus 20% of their time to work with other aspects of the business.
  • Sharing everything. For all projects, we work on Google Drive to share ideas, projects and presentations. Everyone shares and it’s a nice mentality to maintain, and it develops a nice team culture. During your next brainstorm, put all laptops away and remove all distractions. Follow up with why and so what. This changes your way of thinking. We depend on our phones and laptops too much and it does restrict creativity and encourages complete focus.

SH: In context of the 4C’s, how do you balance collaboration and concentration?

MR: Google is vast with many teams, so one of the benefits of that is we can call upon anyone to support us on projects. You’re also measured on the core role of your team, and that then builds a level of trust and reliability through team working.

SH: Cool stuff at Google?

MR: The most exciting is the Google Attribution, but it’s delayed until 2019. If you’re looking at your consumer journey, Google will tell you where visitors have travelled to. As a premier partner agency, you have access to beta tests that can be used on their clients and have access to them 9 months before general release.

SH:What’s Google’s view on scripts?

MR: Agencies are using scripts and we embrace the innovation that premier partner agencies are providing for their clients – as long as it integrates.

SH: What kind of skills do people need to more work in personalisation?

MR: Making sure they put the user first and at the centre.

SH: What’s on the horizon for premier agencies?

MR: Being audience-focused and user-centric. If your site takes more than three seconds, you will lose 54% of your users. Half of those will never return.

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