I’ve just noticed that Google AdWords is displaying advertisers’ favicons alongside the destination URL in the Google search results.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

AdWords displaying Favicons

Taking a look at the source of the favicon images being dispalyed in the search results, they are .png files that are being stored at:

At this stage, not all ads have a favicon displaying.  Travelodge gets it’s favicon displayed, but doesn’t.

It’s not a question of whether the site has a favicon.ico installed, because these images are .pngs coming from Google’s own archive.

I can’t quite make sense of it yet, but not doubt all will be revealed in due course!

Some more examples:


Update:  they appear to be off again?

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  1. Chris Rand says:

    Good spot, Susan. I also hadn’t seen the physical address of the business shown before, as at the bottom of that “Holiday Inn Sheffield” result.

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