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What’s the Difference Between an Ethical SEO Company and an Unethical SEO Company?

It’s simple: unethical SEO companies will strive for short term success at any cost. For this, they may resort to the sort of underhand techniques that are in direct violation of search engine guidelines. As a result, your site may incur a penalty, which can devastate even the biggest of brands. Indeed, businesses afflicted by Google penalties often do not even rank for their own name.

More often than not, unethical SEO practices were responsible for incurring the penalty. Any gains made by unethical SEO companies are therefore likely to be short term and unsustainable.

An ethical SEO company, on the other hand, can be trusted to focus on the long term. Rather than gunning for shallow short term success, an ethical company will work hard to develop a sustainable digital marketing strategy for your business; one that that will drive traffic, increase sales, and safeguard your business against penalties.

Hallam prides itself on being an ethical SEO company. So what exactly can you expect from us?

We Play By The Rules

All search engines have their own specific guidelines. For example, here’s Google’s.

These guidelines outline the sort of content search engines wish to provide in results, alongside hints and tips on the sort of things webmasters should do in order to prime their site for maximum search engine result visibility. They also list the techniques webmasters should avoid, things that would give their site an unfair advantage, leading to unnatural search results.

We take these guidelines very seriously indeed. We apply our understanding of them to all of our actions, increasing your chances of ranking well, whilst decreasing your chances of incurring a penalty.

However, the guidelines are by no means exhaustive. For this reason, we also strive to stay ahead of all developments in the ever changing world of digital marketing and SEO. We never stop learning, and we’re never afraid to try new things.

We Set RealEthical SEO Company Nottinghamistic Targets

Whilst devising your digital marketing strategy, we will take everything into consideration – your business goals, your sector, your target demographics, and the online performance of your key competitors. We will use this research to set goals and targets that are realistic, manageable and sustainable.

We don’t think it’s fair to give our clients unrealistic expectations. If we think that we can quickly deliver outstanding results, fantastic! However, if our research suggests that things are particularly competitive in your sector, rapid success will probably not be possible. Indeed, it can sometimes take months for our efforts to have any demonstrable results.

You can rest assured, though, that we will be totally transparent at all times. We provide all of our clients with detailed monthly reports, listing all successes and all setbacks, alongside a plan of action for the following month.

With us, at every point you will be perfectly aware of what we’re doing for you, and why we’re doing it. The reason for this is simple: we want you to know that you’re getting your money’s worth!

We Are Focused On What Will Work For Your Business

Being an ethical SEO company involves being customer focused at all times. We could offer an identical service to all of our clients, billing them all the same amount for the same techniques. However, not every technique will work for every client, which is why we treat everything on a case-by-case basis.

We will never waste our time and your money on a technique that we know will not help you to achieve your business objectives. Instead, drawing from our research into your sector and your competitors, we will focus only on what we know will work for your business.

Whether it’s content marketing, PPC, on-page optimisation or an extensive link building campaign, we will only ever bill you for things that we know are likely to generate demonstrable results.

It is tempting to chase the quick wins and overnight successes as promised by a lot of SEO companies. However, if much of what they promise seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.

For long term, sustainable online success, it is essential that you rely on a transparent, trustworthy and ethical SEO and digital marketing agency.

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