Contact Us PageEvery website includes a contact page, which is generally the place where your visitors will go to try and get in touch with you or find your address details.  There are certain elements that you need to make sure are always present on this page in order to make sure that our visitors will find the information they need, and I have outlined these requirements below.


1: Include a Contact Form

Having a contact form on your contact page might seem obvious but many times it is ignored and single email links are given to the visitors as the sole option to contact the website owners.  By only giving an email link, you are forcing the visitor to launch a third party email program in order to contact you, or to copy and paste the link in a different tab, which will most likely drive away even the most determined visitors.  Remember though to keep this form simple, only asking for the information you really need so that the users will not be put off by filling in a field you might not even need!

2: List your physical address

Having your physical business address clearly displayed on your contact page will satisfy people that might want to visit you and gives you a bit of credibility as a business.  With the amount of shady businesses that exist on the internet that do not display a physical address, your business will be seen as more trustworthy by some if you display this information on your website.

3: Interactive Google or Bing Maps

Along with your physical address it is always useful if you include interactive maps to help people take in your address in a form they may prefer – an interactive map.  Having your address displayed upon an embedded Google Map will allow visitors to use the Street View option to actually see the building you are located in order to be able to identify it easily in case they visit you.  Other benefits include the option to get directions directly to and from their house or point of interest to your address right through the map on your website.

4: Include Social Media contact links

Adding links to your social media profiles gives the option to your visitors to message you on a platform of their choice.  Giving them this option can mean that visitors that hesitate with the email or the contact form might just click on the Facebook button for example and leave you a message via that channel instead.

5: Add photos

Adding photos of your building or office will provide the users with something easy to remember and may encourage users that may have considered visiting your physical locations.  Photos can also work as a very good trust signal that will possibly give that little extra incentive to the user in order to contact you.

6: Make sure you include mobile functionality to your phone number

Mobile devices are now used a lot more than some years ago and that means that people will be visiting your contact us page from their mobile device and will try to contact you through it.  Instead of making them try to remember your number in order to call you through their device, make sure that they can click and call you directly.  This is something that your developer can easily implement (as can be seen here) and will definitely improve your existing contact us page experience on mobile devices.

Making sure that your Contact page includes those six elements should be the first step when designing a Contact page. Including these elements will greatly assist you in making sure that less visitors leave because they could not find a way to get in touch or perhaps don’t yet trust you due to lack of information on one of the most important pages of your website.

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