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How many of these Internet buzzwords can you say you really understand? And how many are you actually using for the benefit of your business?

Or are you irritated by all these Internet buzzwords?

Within Internet marketing, there is still a tendency to talk about the underlying technology, rather than the benefits the technology brings. There is a residue of geekiness that puts normal people off.

And as a result there is resistance on the part of businesses to adopt these new technologies. Business owners don’t understand the jargon, and frankly, they just don’t care.

But when these technologies are demonstrated in a real live working environment, then the penny drops for many business owners. They can see what the technology can actually do for their business.

They understand the benefits.

They may think the word blog sounds vaguely rude, but they are very interested in telling people what’s going on in their business in a cost effective way.

They may not care what Web 2.0 is, but they want to convert more sales on their website.

Internet marketing is still at a stage where the jargon and geekiness is still hindering adoption.

And as a result, so many small businesses are not reaping the rewards of relatively cheap, easy to implement solutions.

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