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As the wettest April ever in the UK passes we turn our attention back to Team Hallam’s favourite blog posts of the month. It has been a bit of hectic month with issues surrounding negative SEO, the Penguin update and quite a bit of panic by webmasters who have (or haven’t in some cases) participated in some SEO techniques that are against Google’s Guidelines.

Without further ado…

Susan’s favourite posts

Google Analytics Custom Report Sharing Library – the new forum for sharing custom reports and dashboards by Jill Whalen. We featured this in our Google Analytics round up but it is worth mentioning again. Whether you are SEO, PPC  or Social Media orientated you can find custom reports and dashboards that you can copy over to your Google Analytics account.

Code Venice: Google’s Big Local Search Update 2012 – slideshare presentation by Hanns Kroneneberg. Covering the Venice update this set of slides is a data driven look at what has happened since the update and how to ‘unlock the hybrid result’.

Wayne’s favourite posts

20+ resources for prospecting, organising & researching link opportunities by James Agate. An awesome round up of some of the industry tools for finding and organising your link prospects with mentions for some awesome tools like Buzzstream, Link Prospector, MyBlogGuest and CustomRank.

Improve Your Link Prospecting With Reductive Queries by Ross Hudgens. A deceptively simple technique for improving the quality of your link prospecting.

Helen’s favourite posts

New Matching Behavior For Keywords by Shirin Miller. “Starting in mid-May, Google will allow searches for phrase and exact match keywords to be extended to it’s misspellings and plurals.” A quick overview of the new changes to Adwords new matching behaviour.

7 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies by Phil Mershon. I hadn’t seen this post until Helen brought it to my attention and it is well worth your time. Actionable Social Media advice for your business (and it features Sharpies – the best pens…ever).

David’s favourite posts

9 Evil Ways to Build Links by Peter Attia. It’s in the title, some of these examples are truly evil – if you are easily offended you may want to stay away – but the creativity involved here is pretty incredible – make sure you read the comments as well.

A Guide To Well Designed Sign-up Forms With 15 Examples by Jurian Bass. Do you pay much attention to the sign up forms on your site? This is a highly recommended read for creating sign up forms that actually do what they are supposed to.

Sarah’s favourite posts

The Best Way to Engage with Other Pages on Facebook Timeline by Donna Moritz. A great post on Timeline engagement without the spam – are you doing it right?

35 Beautiful Landing Page Design Examples to Drool Over [With Critiques] by Oli Gardner and Carlos Del Rio. Drool being the right word here – 35 examples, each with commentaries on what works, what doesn’t and what the pros would change.

Hallam’s Most Popular Internet Marketing Posts of April

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