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Facebook confirmed that Brand and Business Pages would be going live with the newly adopted Timeline style as of April 1st, and this means your Page will be fundamentally changing.

You have the chance to put a big banner at the top of your Facebook page, and this is called your Facebook Cover.

Do you know what will be changing? Are you prepared?

What’s changing?

If your page relies upon using the traditional 5 photo thumbnails to convey important messages or branding, understand that this space will be disappearing soon and being replaced with the new Facebook Cover feature.

Our page currently does not have a Cover.  See the five small images at the top;  these are going to disappear

The Old and Original Facebook Page View

This is an example of a Cover; notice there is a banner image giving great branding opportunity.



The position of your company logo (or avatar) has moved and is slightly smaller so you may need to edit your logo.

Why is it changing?

Facebook has already made these changes to people’s personal profiles, and they are now rolling the Cover out to business Pages, too.

What’s the purpose of the Cover?

The cover image has been designed to allow you more effectively brand your Page. You now have a physically larger and more prominent position to communicate your brand values and key messages.  However, there are rules limiting what can go in the Cover, and in brief it cannot be hard sales.

  • Your cover image must be free or prices, promotions or special offers
  • Your cover must not contain any contact information (no phone numbers, email addresses, websites or Twitter handles)
  • Your cover must not make reference to Facebook interface page elements such as the Like or Message buttons.
  • No marketing messages or Call to Actions.

How big will it be?

If you want to take full advantage of the screen space provided you will want to size your own banner as follows:

width: 851 pixels x Height: 315 pixels. The image you upload here must be at least 399 pixels wide or Facebook will reject it. However, note that your image will always be rescaled and stretched to the bigger size. Like stretching a canvas print, doing the same on your computer will result in blurriness and reduce the appearance or quality.

It’s always best to make an image the perfect size rather than letting Facebook stretch it to fit.  You may need help with this!

Blank Facebook Cover Image

What will my page look like if I don’t provide a cover?

You can preview what your current Facebook Page will look like in the new version.

In this example, you can see the large grey area next to the Hallam logo, and this is where the Cover should be.

What will my page look like without a Cover?

Whilst it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a Cover, you will be missing out on one of the best opportunities yet to customise your Page. As a Page administrator, you’ll be reminded to upload a Cover using the box displayed top right. Normal fans or members of the public won’t see this.


 Need more information?

If you’d like to see what others are doing there are plenty of great Facebook Cover examples being used by brands that are hot on the tail of Facebook.

We’ll let you know how we get on, we’d love you to share your stories or experiences with using the new Facebook Page Covers if you’re an early adopter.


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