Keeping an eye on your website, competitors and industry activity can be like spinning plates on sticks; each one needs regular attention, but leave one too long and something gets missed and crashes.

So here are three easy-to-implement tips to help you keep a step ahead and get automatic alerts, straight into your email inbox about:


  1. Changes of visitor behaviour on your website
  2. Critical website alerts
  3. Competitor/industry activity


1. Changes in Visitor behaviour on your website

If you had a sudden unexpected increase or decrease in website visitors, you’d want to know and investigate, right?

Here we go then..

Go to your Google Analytics account and log in.

Go to Reporting and click the Intelligence tab. select Daily, Weekly or Monthly Events:

Set up Google Analytics Intelligence Events

Select a decent date range, say six months or so. Sweep your mouse over the graph and get an idea of the maximum and minimum number of visits. Jot them down.

Now click Create Custom Alert and complete the form, setting what you want the alert for (Alert Conditions), which profile it applies to and where to send alerts to:

Create a Custom Alert in Google Analytics

You will find you have a range of options within the Alert Conditions tab. This is just one example.

Setting up Alerts does not mean that you don’t need look at your Analytics regularly!


2. Critical Website Alerts

A rare but critical issue such as a manual penalty from Google has to be taken seriously, as it means that your site has been downgraded for some reason. This can have a serious impact on your websites’ visibility and therefore your business.  Google will notify you in Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) if a manual penalty has been applied, however many website managers do not monitor WMT on a regular basis. So set up your Google Webmaster Tools Preferences now. Log in to your Google Account associated with your website,click the small cogwheel icon on the top right,select the preferences and enable email notifications:


Setting up Google Webmaster Tools Preferences


 3. Competitor/Industry Alerts

You can set up a Google Alert about anything. In a business environment, its a great way of keeping an eye on your competitors, brands and industry.  You don’t even need a Google Account.

Go to

Think about what you want to get alerted for. It might be your top 3 competitors, your brand, your sphere of expertise.  Just fill in the boxes and select from the drop-downs accordingly.

Google Alerts helps you monitor your industry and competitors
Google Alerts


When Google indexes new content about your subject, you will get an email with links to the pages.  If you find you are getting too many emails without relevant information, refine your search or change the frequency. You can add as many alerts as you like and delete them at any time.

 Try these tools out and see if they help you keep abreast of developments on your website, industry and competitors.  There are lots more ways to get useful information from your website through Analytics and we regularly conduct Competitor Analysis, so get in touch if we can help.

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