Beginners Tips For Google Adwords

Posted on 07/10/2014 by Team Hallam

Often Adwords accounts can become overwhelming and therefore get out of hand and most managers don’t have time to fully manage their Adwords account. I’m going to show you how you can manage an account simply and what signs to look out for.

1 – Campaign Budget Management

Often the first thing I check is

Am I hitting my daily budget for each campaign?

If the answer is yes then there is almost always a lost opportunity somewhere. Look at how your budget within that campaign has been spent and whether there is a better way to spend it.

When you hit your budget regularly Google will automatically spread the amount of times your ad shows throughout the day (assuming you have standard delivery settings). The problem lies in that a lower quality keywords may be eating too much of the budget and limiting the performance of a better performing keyword.

I’ll give you this scenario as an example:

If a campaign has a daily budget of £100 and you have the following 2 keywords running.

Keyword A takes up £80 per day whilst converting at 2%.

Keyword B takes up £20 per day whilst converting at 10%.

If this is the case I would strongly recommend lowering your CPC on keyword A to allow any potential Keyword B impressions that are lost to the budget limitations to show.

This is only a very simple example of how you can potentially be limiting your best performing keywords without knowing it.

2 – Negative Keyword List

I almost guarantee that there will be at least a couple of search terms that you would never think your ad would show for and will never be relevant to your business. By spending some time each week going through this list you will be able to avoid your ad appearing for irrelevant search terms by adding them as a negative keyword.

To view your keyword list click details when viewing the keywords tab and then select all:

Beginners tips for Adwords


Once you have your list you simply select the search terms that you don’t want your ad to appear for and ad them as a negative.

This will save you money in two ways, the first way is obvious it will ensure that you are not receiving traffic that will not add value to your business. The second way is that it could save you money through removing irrelevant impressions this will improve your click through rate (CTR). By improving your CTR you will help improve your quality score therefore making your cost per click lower.



3 – Ad Management

Over time your ads can become old and out of date, you may also realise you are running far too many ads for a low impression ad group and as such you may not be receiving enough data to make informed decisions about the ad quality. I have seen ad groups with 10 ads running receiving 5 clicks a month, all this tells me is that there are far too many ads running and it will take a year to receive enough information to determine the success rate of an ad.

I recommend most ad groups having either 2 or 3 ads running and checking back monthly to determine the performance. Over time I would recommend replacing the lowest performing ad with new ad copy as a test, you should always create a new ad rather than changing an existing ad to keep the history for each ad intact.

4 – Quality Score

You need to make sure your keyword quality scores are reasonable. Don’t get too caught up in chasing quality score improvements but if you have multiple keywords with a quality score of less than 5 you need to do a little digging to figure out why. Often it is down to two reasons;

1 – Ad Copy

2 – Landing Pages

5 – Average Position

Always take a brief look at your average position across different campaigns and ad groups and think:

Is where I want to be positioned?

Do you want to appear number 1 for a keyword or term that is not converting well or would you rather appear higher for better quality keywords? Often this can make a small difference but it is helpful to understand where your ads are positioned and if the budget can be used elsewhere.

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Beginners Tips For Google Adwords

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