The New Year always means a time for reflection on last year’s performance, and time once again for us to consider how well our blogging efforts have been paying off.

There are many different ways to measures the best blog post, with each measure reflecting your marketing and business objectives.

Here are the top Hallam blog posts in my nominated categories:

Most Times Viewed

Getting your content read is one of the top measures of success for a blog.  None of us wants to be Billy-No-Mates with nobody reading our blog.

What’s interesting to note here are  the top viewed articles on the Hallam site are not new from 2010 –  the 3 top articles are all from the archives.  What does this mean for our businesses?  That blog articles have a good lifetime value and will continue to add to the richness of your site over time.

And what kind of content are our readers looking for?  Reviews, and low cost tips and techniques.  We will use this information to guide our blogging plan for next year.

Generating traffic from Twitter

We cross posted our blog articles onto our Twitter accounts, and can see that Twitter did a great job of driving traffic to our posts.

Our most popular posts with all our Followers on Twitter:

Most frequent landing page entrances from search

Which pages brought visitors to your website from search?  In other words, which blog articles are getting sufficiently high rankings in Google to bring new visitors (and potential customers) to your website?

For Hallam, our top two performing sites were the Reviews for Google Sites and  BT Webclicks, followed by another product review adn two articles making comparisons.  Perhaps the use of the word “vs” helps with the optimisation…?

Most popular articles in our Email newsletter

One of of our most important blog audiences are the readers our our email newsletter containing links to our blog articles.  Two of the most popular posts were announcing Hallam events: our Google breakfast meeting, and our Internet Conference.

The other favourite articles with our email audience:

Blog posts generating the most enquiries

One purpose of our blog posts is to encourage our “most desired response” – generating enquires.  Google Analytics lets us track back and find which blog post generated the most web enquiries.

As you would might well expect, the offer of free grant money is the outright winner:

Business Grants:  Internet Marketing Training

What else could we have measured?

There are so many other success measures you could consider for your blog.  The question is how will you use this data to guide your management decisions?

We could have also measured:

  • number of comments on each post
  • number of times the post has been Tweeted
  • number of times the post has been Liked
  • number of inbound links the post generated

Why not take a look through our archives of previous year’s best posts:


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