Best blog posts 2011Blogging forms an essential part of our marketing strategy, and this time every year I assess our best blog posts in order to shape our strategy for next year.

The success of your blog can be measured in a wide variety of ways depending on your marketing objectives, and here is my round up of what I’m measuring for TeamHallam:

Social Media Engagement

Tweets, retweets, comments, links and Likes:  social media engagement is a sure sign that your blog is working well for your business.

Team Hallam clearly has the knack of writing socially engaging content, and it is great to see that our newer colleagues are writing engaging content, too.

  1. Optimising Your Videos for YouTube
  2. Anatomy of a Great Ecommerce Page
  3. SEO On Page Factors: Creating Great Pages
  4. Google Search Update: Panda
  5. Why Don’t People Buy From My Ecommerce Website?
  6. James Caan is Stalking Me:  Remarketing Gone Scary
  7. Team Hallam Top Tips: Local SEO
  8. Switching to MailChimp: MailChimp Review


Most popular with our Email Newsletter Readers

Our blog posts form the basis of our email newsletter, and I think click-throughs from our eshots are an excellent measure to know what our customers are interested in:

  1. How to use QR Codes in Your Business
  2. Team Hallam Top Tips:  SEO
  3. Why Won’t Anyone Link to my Website?
  4. Mouse2Design:  Infringement of Copyright
  5. Why Don’t People Buy from my Ecommerce Website?
  6. What is Wrong with this Email

Reader Comments

A blog is about two way communication, and our readers’ comments are another useful measure of how well the blog is working for our business.  We don’t tend to get alot of comments (you all tend to lurk, rather than comment!) but here’s a selection of posts that seemed to fire up your commenting urge:

  1. James Caan is Stalking Me:  Remarketing Gone Scary
  2. Mouse2Design: Infringement of Copyright
  3. Happy Halloween Roger mozBot!
  4. SpiritNottingham Web Review

Blog Posts with the Most Visits

Of course your blog can’t be read without visits, but it can be difficult to measure the value of this metric. If you have the time, it is worth looking at visits data in conjuction with bounce rates, traffic sources, goals and conversions..

The secret is to know what data is valuable, and what data is just naval gazing!

  1. Google UK vs Google USA
  2. Google April Fools 2011
  3. How to make a Facebook Fangate
  4. Google Sites Review:  Free Website Tool (2009)
  5. Google Search Update:  Panda
  6. SEO On-Page Factors:  Creating Great Pages


 Now it is your turn…

How about giving some feedback in terms of our posts, or let us know what you would like us to write about this year.

And how about your own posts?  Which have been most successful in terms of:

  • generating leads
  • how many times the posts are read
  • engagement with the reader in the form of comments
  • reverberation around the social media community
  • search engine optimisation:  traffic from the search engines
  • the number of subscribers or followers

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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