Email subscribers to my blog will see a change this week; I’ve decided to convert my blog into a weekly e-newsletter, complete with branding and formatting. Feel free to send me comments and suggestions.

We already know blogging is a very powerful Internet marketing tool. A well designed blog:

  • delivers rich content that can rank highly in the search engines. For example, see how my blog postings ranks well in Google for the new statutory requirements for business websites.
  • provides fresh updates on your website which search engine spiders love
  • establishes you as an authority on your subject
  • keeps you in touch with your clients and prospective clients.

But another benefit of blogging is re-usability. By that I mean “write once, publish many.”

I’ve decided to “re-use” my blog as my email marketing newsletter. I’ve been using the FeedBlitz service to maintain email subscribers, and from today I’m using Feedblitz compile and broadcast my blog postings on a weekly basis.

The benefits?

  • I won’t annoy my readers with an individual message every time I write a blog posting, instead they’ll get a weekly round up. If I’m in the mood one morning to write 3 postings then no worries about deluging my clients with messages.
  • The e-newsletter has all the Hallam branding and logos
  • It gets sent out automatically on the day of my choice (Thursday) even if I’m busy doing something else

The best Internet marketing is always a case of “Test — Learn — Test” and so I’ll keep you posted of tweaks that I make to deliver better blogging.

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