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Social media glossary for 2017: an A-Z of social media

With so many social media platforms in existence it can be difficult to keep track of all the different social…


Ecommerce and Millennials: How Does Generation Y Impact Mobile Shopping?

Millennials have evolved from a popular catchphrase among those trying to identify a new trend, to a group of tech-savvy…

Social Media

LinkedIn Text Ads Best Practice: Case Study

We recently ran a LinkedIn text ad campaign using best practice techniques. We've put together a case study to highlight…

Content Marketing

Online Reviews: Developing a Strategy For Your Local Business

Does your business have an ongoing plan for capturing customer feedback online? Here I will be giving you an overview…


Increasing Organic CTR with Search Console Data

The evidence that Google's RankBrain uses click-through-rates (CTR) as a ranking factor means there's now even more reason to improve…


How to Add Schema Markup to Your Site with Google Tag Manager

If you're having difficulty adding schema markup to your site via your CMS, use Google Tag Manager instead - it's…


Accelerated Mobile Pages For Ecommerce: Benefits, Limitations & Next Steps

Google's focus on AMP continues, and now that ecommerce sites are able to get in on the action, more and…

Social Media

Facebook Introduces Marketplace

Facebook has introduced Marketplace to its 1.71 billion active monthly users. The new feature, accessible through the Facebook app, allows…


How to add canonical tags in Magento

It is very common for duplicate pages to be inadvertently created on websites, especially on ecommerce sites, but this could…


The ultimate guide to proofreading

In digital marketing, we need to make sure that any activity we deliver for clients is faultless. Whether it’s a…

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