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A new feature of Blogger is the ability to future date your posts; write your article now and then schedule it to get published automatically on the date of your choosing.

This is a very useful trick for time-strapped small business owners: just sit down one Sunday evening and write a few blog postings. Your new articles will appear magically at the appointed time, updating your website and feeding content into the search engine network.

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote an article on How I Would Improve Blogger, and this feature was one of the three things on my wish list.

My blog is now well over 3 years old now, and Blogger continues to add features to keep it on a par with the other major players like WordPress and TextPattern.

Blogger: if you are listening, here is what is on my wish list this year:

1. Insert images where I expect them to go. At the moment, every image I insert is placed by default at the top of the posting, instead of where my cursor is. I have to manually drag the image into the right position. Annoying, or what?

2. Provide some stats in my Blogger account that tells me my most popular postings, most commented, most linked to, and the like. I know integration of Analytics and Blogger is in beta, but just hurry up, OK?

3. Give me more choices of which posts to display, not just my most recent posts. At the moment I have to manually insert links to my most popular posts.

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3 responses to “Blogger Tips: Future Dated Posting”

  1. Alex says:

    Future-dating of posts is one of my most-used features in Typepad for our IMPACT blog. It’s impressive that a free blogging platform like Blogger can offer such a feature.

  2. justin says:

    I’ve just discovered your brilliant site. I’m an amateur web designer and a blogger too, and have set up a couple of small business websites for family members. I’ve got quite a good Google ranking for both sites, but I’m always keen to improve this.

    One problem I’ve had on my blogger site (Justin’s Ramble), is getting the text on my banner looking sharp (in Photoshop). I’ve used a high res photo (300px per inch), but the print always ends up looking fuzzy. Any ideas to improve this?

  3. leased line says:

    It will be very helpful if you post your future date.

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