National Bring Your Dog to Work Day: A day through the eyes of Rosie

Posted on 22/06/2017 by Team Hallam

Woof Woof! To celebrate "National Bring Your Dog to Work Day" our Rosie has made a special film to reveal the secrets of her life as an office dog.

Our office dog Rosie agreed to wear a Go Pro for a day to give you a glimpse into what it’s like to be one of Nottingham’s most famous canine employees!

From greeting visitors to hanging out with office colleagues, keeping the floor clean and checking that everybody’s happy, Rosie has a super important job here at Team Hallam.

Rosie was wearing a specially designed Go Pro harness to take this dog’s eye view of office life at The Clock Tower:

Rosie Films for National Take Your Dog to Work Day 2017


Watch Rosie’s “National Bring Your Dog to Work Day” Video


4 Reasons for Having an Office Dog

We spend a third of every day working, and here at Team Hallam we’re trying to make The Clock Tower one of the best places to work.

We’ve asked our colleagues what makes a great working environment, and as result we’ve introduced flexi-time, working from home, structured professional development, and most importantly the principle of “supported autonomy” where we can learn and grow and take responsibility and credit for our own client work.

And having Rosie in the office is another great reason to work here.  Here are our four reasons for having an office dog:

Reduced Stress Levels

Having a little furry friend in the office puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Every job has its stressful moments but your mood changes just by looking at how Rosie chases her favourite toy around the office. There’s something about her positive energy and innocence that puts us at ease. No ruff days at Hallam!

Office dog socialising


Increased Productivity

Occupying your mind with a relaxing activity such as petting a dog is known to have a positive impact on productivity. Rosie helps our consultants detach from their screens for a few minutes and enjoy a little bit of entertainment. You should see her rolling on the floor! After that you will definitely get back to your work refreshed and more energetic.

Rosie on computer



An office dog brings people together by giving them something to talk about. We love watching Rosie sniffing around and finding little treats around the office at lunchtime. It allows us to bond over a shared experience and form memories together. This helps us collaborate better and come up with better ideas.

Rosie hat

Clients Love Visiting Our Office

All our clients have met Rosie either face-to-face or virtually (check out her employee profile on our Team Page). She can’t open the door for our clients, but she will happily wag her tail as she is waiting by the lift to say “Hi”. Introducing her to our clients is a must and they love her.

 take your dog to work day - rosie with calendars

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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National Bring Your Dog to Work Day: A day through the eyes of Rosie

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