Phoning GoogleA major problem people seem to have with Google is the lack of personal contact. Do a Google search for “talk to a real person at google”, and the first page is full of people wondering how they can get hold of a real live person to answer their questions.

Take AdWords, for example. It has a help centre, and help forums which are quite active. But if you’ve got a problem with your account, you need to either hope that the answer to your question is in the help centre, or you’ve got to post on the forums and hope that 1) someone answers your post and 2) that they actually offer you a solution.

Alternatively, you can email Google with your issues, but this is slow and could mean the problem takes days to sort out. And all the time, you might be losing out on clicks that could bring you business.

Thankfully, AdWords also has phone support. A few months ago, I was contacted by a very nice guy who is now my Account Manager at AdWords. He’s my first point of contact if I’ve got any questions or issues, and so far he’s been incredibly helpful!

I had to phone him up the other week when an ad I’d written for a client was paused due to Google mistaking the product advertised for tobacco, which cannot be advertised on AdWords. I phoned up, spoke to my Account Manager and shortly afterwards, the ad was up and running. And he credited my client’s account with a £35 coupon into the bargain!Talk to a Real Person at Google










It’s not foolproof. While you can speak to a real live person and get advice about keywords, budgets, etc., if you’ve got any issues it’s sometimes difficult to find out what the problem is/was. And fixing problems takes time, especially if the issue is escalated.

But it’s reassuring to know that there are people on the other end of the phone to speak to. It’s a lot more immediate than email or forums, and it makes Google seem more approachable, which is what they need to be really, given the number of changes they’re making.

So, if you need help with your AdWords account, talk to a real Google person on 0845 358 0038.

Have you contacted Google’s AdWords support at all? How was your experience with it?

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