How Hallam is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Client

AFI Resale are part of the AFI group of companies specialising in the sale of new and used access platforms since 2006.

The Challenge

Increase the quality and volume of leads coming from paid marketing and support with technical SEO to drive traffic and increase revenue during the launch of the new company website.

Our Approach

Hallam developed a two-stage strategy for the initial management which began with mass refinement of existing campaigns to cut out wasted spend and identify areas with high potential.

The campaigns were restructured to focus on individual offerings which allowed for a more refined budget segmentation. A SKAG (Single Keyword per Ad Group) structure was implemented to best allow for management of both the negative keyword setup as well as the keyword quality scores by ensuring that all ads were highly relevant and specific to the search term. Once the campaigns were refined, the spend was increased accordingly and highly targeted display campaigns were implemented to bring in higher volumes of relevant traffic.


Once the traffic and targeting had been refined and volume boosted through display, we saw a decrease in the average cost per click and a 77% increase in overall traffic year on year. Due to the much-improved conversion rate, this influx of relevant traffic lead to a 135% increase in leads generated which hold a potential revenue increase of £114k within just 5 months of working with Hallam.

Client testimonials

“Since working with Hallam, they have worked hard to update our Google AdWords campaigns so that they are converting better and delivering much higher levels of traffic, leads and potential ROI. We are also working on improving technical SEO and Hallam supported the pre and post launch of a new website for the brand. The specialists working on our account are experienced and always responsive and we look forward to the continued success of our partnership.”

Hannah Broom, Digital Marketing Manager

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