Digital strategy delivered 335% increase in organic traffic

335 %

Increase in organic traffic

519 %

Increase in qualified leads through the website

161 %

Increase in AdWords conversion rate

I have relied heavily on Tom and he is a great help to me.  Without him, it would have been a nightmare! He is always on the end of the phone and happy to answer my questions. Hallam have increased our site traffic and conversions hugely and these numbers continue to improve.

Emily Thompson - Marketing Manager, BFT


The Client

BFT is a leading provider of automated access solutions including electric gates, barriers, and bollards. Hallam’s digital marketing service is helping them obtain more quality leads from residential and commercial users through their GateQuote lead generation website.

The Challenge

BFT approached Hallam to help them recover from a severe loss in traffic and leads after being hit by a Google penalty. The website was also redesigned on the back of poor advice and lacked the impact necessary to drive significant leads. This resulted in a low conversion rate and a low return on their AdWords advertising spend.

Our Approach

Hallam conducted a review of the site to identify opportunities to drive leads. This resulted in working with BFT to develop a new site with a focus on delivering a better user experience and driving more leads from visitors.

To recover search traffic and rankings, Hallam initiated an SEO campaign to remove unnatural external links pointing to their website and developed a new high-quality landing page content.

A review of BFT’s AdWords account was also undertaken to improve ad text and keyword targeting. They also implemented new paid search techniques, such as remarketing, to drive more clicks and conversions.

The Results

With Hallam’s expertise, BFT has not only recovered search visibility but has more than tripled the number of organic search visitors to their website in just a year.

And by optimising their AdWords text ads and introducing remarketing, BFT has experienced a 94% increase in clicks, a 51% improvement in click through rate and a 161% increase in conversion rate. Additionally, their average AdWords cost per lead has been reduced by 70%.

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