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January should be a time of quiet reflection but it wasn’t, we’ve been flat out! Business has changed in the last 12 months massively: we’ve gone from private work to more commercial because of the site. It’s been remarked on a few times…the way the site looks and the way it’s been branded, makes people take you seriously.  I’m very happy and I enjoy working with Hallam, they understand what I’m about and how I work. I have the feeling of being valued with great communication. All my needs being catered for!”

Andy Allen – Owner, Cat Autokeys


The Client

CAT Autokeys is a Nottingham based auto locksmith, which has been running for 18 years. They specialise in replacing car, truck and motorbike keys, key programming, vehicle lockouts and full lock changes. CAT Autokeys approached Hallam to build a new website and increase local online presence to protect the long term viability of the business.

The Challenge

The business had recently been rebranded and needed a new website that would enable customers to call easily, represented the company values and their professional and friendly approach. The new website was to sit on a new domain starting from scratch, driving quality, targeted organic traffic, whilst increasing the online exposure of the CAT Autokeys brand within their service area.

The Approach

Hallam started by conducting background research into the industry, ensuring a firm understanding of who the target market were and what issues they needed solving by conducting keyword and competitor research. With this framework, Hallam started a local SEO campaign, creating engaging content, generating inbound links from credible industry specific sources and ensuring CAT Autokeys’ online presence was on track to grow organically.

The Results

After developing a local SEO strategy, Hallam was able to take a domain generating no traffic in January 2017, to 1,242 sessions in January 2018, representing an average 34% month-on-month increase throughout the year. This was reinforced by a progressive improvement in both keyword ranking and recorded conversions, culminating in first positions for the majority of their targeted keywords and 82 conversions within the month of January 2018.

The new website was designed in such a way that, compared to an older site, time spent on site increased by 30% (00:50 Vs 01:05), the bounce rate decreased by 17% (77% Vs 60%); and it helps to promote the professionalism of the business to potential commercial partners.

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