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Increase in organic traffic over 6 months


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Increase in organic search visibility

“Our website had lost ground within the search results for some highly important search terms, and without this organic visibility our phones were quiet. We sought help from Hallam to help us improve our position, and they’ve since delivered.  Our site is now highly visible to prospective clients and leads have significantly increased. Hallam have also been on hand to meet regularly, to offer advice and to provide strategic direction in relation to our digital marketing efforts”

David Teasdale – General Manager, Dishwashers Direct

The Challenge

In the 12 months prior to working with Hallam, Dishwashers Direct had witnessed a significant drop in organic traffic to their site. Key terms had slipped down the rankings, impacting on valuable organic visibility and resulting in fewer leads via the website. Hallam was tasked with devising and executing a strategy to recover the loss in organic visibility and increase qualified organic traffic to the website.

Our Approach

To understand why organic traffic to the Dishwashers Direct site had dropped so drastically, Hallam undertook an in-depth SEO analysis, focusing specifically on the site’s backlink profile, technical SEO performance and on site optimisation.

Hallam’s research and analysis identified several significant search engine errors and roadblocks, and the team quickly and successfully remedied the situation. Technical improvements were also made to the site to accelerate page loads speeds and to improve search engine accessibility, as well as improving the content on the site.

Hallam’s work also uncovered a number of problems with the Dishwashers Direct website’s backlink profile. These were problems were fixed, and then the team rolled out a project to drive high-quality natural link acquisition based on a Digital PR campaign.

In addition to the search engine optimisation campaign to improve organic visibility, Hallam also launched a geotargeted Google AdWords pay per click campaign and also introduced integrated multi-channel call tracking to track phone calls resulting from a web visit.  Now, the Dishwashers Direct senior management team have the clear visibility over campaign performance and return on investment they require.

The Results


Thanks to Hallam’s specialist expertise, the Dishwashers Direct website has been propelled up the search results for a valuable selection of search terms, with organic visibility the strongest it’s ever been. Over the last 6 months with organic traffic has increased by 75%, with an even greater increase in new users to the site.

Dishwashers Direct are now also in a much better position to measure the success and return of their digital campaigns with integrated call tracking and additional Google Analytics goals in place.

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