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“Hallam are integral to our marketing activity, applying specialist knowledge and shedding light on otherwise unknown areas for us. We’ve got a great relationship with our team and trust them to help us grow… we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Katie Torrance – Ecommerce Manager, First Fence

The client

Established in 2010, First Fence is one of the front-runners in the UK fencing industry; manufacturing and supplying a wide range of permanent and temporary fencing, in addition to traffic management and access solutions. Their products are sold on an international scale, catering to the commercial and industrial markets, in addition to the public sector.

The challenge

In March 2017, First Fence initially came to Hallam with a PPC account that was failing to generate relevant leads, and large sales.

12 months later, with the PPC account running successfully, First Fence realised they were relying on it too heavily for sales. This, coupled with the fact that their website was not the easiest to navigate, First Fence found that from an SEO point of view, they weren’t performing very well and needed help.

Our approach

Hallam conducted a complete rebuild of First Fence’s PPC account; restructuring all ad groups, and separating out the profitable keywords. Every single ad was rewritten, and implemented into Hallam’s auto bidding scripts to optimise the bids for every keyword in First Fence’s account.

Once the PPC account had successfully been transformed, Hallam turned their focus to SEO, starting with a technical SEO audit to identify any immediate problems, followed by in-depth keyword research, to discover relevant keywords in positions 4-20, whose positioning could be increased with some on-page optimisation.

These activities revealed several issues and opportunities, with three main points that needed tackling first:

  • Confusing website structure, and a large number of 404 errors
  • 80,000+ pages of duplicate content
  • Under-optimised, thin product pages


In 2016, First Fence’s PPC account was generating on average £50,000-£70,000 of  revenue each month as a result of spending approximately £19,000-£22,000. With the account overhaul, Hallam increased average monthly revenues to £80,000-£100,000 – with some peak months hitting £120,000 – whilst at the same time lowering the spend to £17,000-£20,000.

Due to the work on First Fence’s PPC account, they enjoyed a 55% growth in total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and a 35% growth in non-branded ROAS, with branded searches increasing by 24%.

With regards to the SEO work conducted, Hallam managed to reduce 80,000+ pages of duplicate pages down to just 10. Additionally, by rewriting thin product pages and conducting extensive on-page optimisation, First Fence rose to position 1 for non-branded relevant keywords including palisade fencing, palisade security fencing, palisade gates, palisade pales, mesh fencing, and mesh gates.

This increased visibility on the SERPs reflected positively on First Fence’s website. Year on year, organic sessions have increased by 49.72%, and the number of pages per session have increased by 107.86% – from 3.6, to 7.49, suggesting users are taking the time to browse through a range of products, before making a purchase.


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