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The Client

Garden4Less is an online retailer selling branded garden equipment. Hallam provided the expertise to maintain profitability, grow revenue, and drive traffic.

The Challenge

As an online retailer selling over 15,000 products, the team at Garden4Less was stretched to breaking point managing the highly competitive and incredibly detailed live Google advertising auctions that were critical for their business. A lapse in attention meant missing out on sales opportunities, eroding the profit margin, or worst of all, selling products at a loss.

Their core mission is to be the UK’s leading online garden retailer and the management team knew it needed a partner with the right expertise in order to achieve this goal.

Our Approach

Hallam developed a highly analytic system to rationalise the retailer’s online advertising campaigns. They focused on reorganising and aligning campaigns to better reflect the commercial opportunities, taking into consideration both the relative and absolute profit margin associated with each product.

Using an advanced Google AdWords management approach they analysed years of data, then created a model for maximising the profitability of the AdWords campaigns.

In addition to the paid advertising campaigns, they also reviewed the ao restore Garden4Less to good standing in the Google index.

Hallam also provided support during the redesign of the website, working in partnership with the in-house design team at Gardens4less  to create a mobile friendly site capable of delivering sophisticated split testing.

The real innovation in our work with Garden4Less was the scripts which were developed in-house to manage and optimise the Google Shopping campaigns. This script not only worked out the ideal bids for each product group, but it also implemented them automatically on the account.

The Results

With Hallam’s expert guidance, Garden4Less has moved significantly closer to their goal of becoming one of the UK’s leading garden retailers.

Profits are up. Conversion rates are up. The amount of traffic to the site is up. And the cost per sale has fallen.

Under Hallam’s guidance, Garden4Less is driving the right kinds of traffic at the right price, which is resulting in a profitable growing business.

In just a few months, they have driven 83% more traffic from Google Shopping to the site and maintained the same return on investment.


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