How Hallam is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Client

Garden4Less is one of the UK’s largest online retailers selling an extensive range of garden equipment and furniture. With over 15,000 products, their mission is to deliver quality and value together with the highest levels of customer service.

Their core mission is to be the UK’s leading online garden retailer and the management team knew it needed a partner with the right expertise in order to achieve this goal.


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The Challenge

As an e-commerce retailer, Garden4Less knew that their online advertising and website functionality was key to their success.

Their team in-house team were manually programming thousands of advertising bids – a time-consuming process that was critical to their business success. Any lapse in attention or error meant they could easily miss sales opportunities, lose out to competition or worst of all, sell products at a loss.

Our Approach

We analysed years of data and developed a number of bespoke automation tools that work out the ideal bids for Garden4Less product groups across all of their 15,000 products.

Developed in-house, our automation tools filter potential customer search terms into a myriad of different connotations within product groups; general product browsers (window shoppers), those with a higher intent to buy, products with higher profit margins, as well as branded and unbranded products. Spending less on low profit or low converting items and more on high-end items and searches to accurately maximise ROI.

With over 3,000 variations for each product group, our tools automate over 30 million checks a year. Bids are intuitively changed depending on the market, season or user intent. Running 24 times a day, 7 days a week, this machine learning process eliminates the risk of human error and stops emotional decision making, using a mathematical approach instead.

Automating what used to be days of manual work allows us to focus on other areas where we could add value including improvements to their website and CRO. We manage ongoing split user testing – a scientific method to measure and track the best conversion rate opportunities. Testing typically takes place over a three-month timescale; one example we’ve carried out is a split test using variations to their landing page header, testing and analysing data from over a million visitors. Changes made as a result have delivered a 3% uplift in their conversion rates increasing overall revenue by 17% with an incredible 2,490% ROI.

The Results

As a direct result of Hallam’s automated tools, Garden4Less has seen a 74% increase in profit from PPC. Revenue has trebled with a 50% increase YoY as advertising spend is automatically optimised.

Together with CRO improvements delivering a massive 2,490% ROI the digital strategies that we’ve implemented are continuing to deliver business changing results for Garden4Less making them one of the UK’s leading online garden retailers.

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Client testimonials

‘Efficient management of a successful ecommerce operation requires the right skill sets, and the team from Hallam are leaders in the field. When it comes to online advertising, they have the expertise and experience to make our business stand out from the competition. We continue to grow, and this is due in no small part to the great work from Hallam.’

Robert Osborne, Director, Garden4Less





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