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“‘We’re thrilled with the results Hallam has achieved for us. Our search rankings have improved dramatically, meaning we were able to reduce our monthly spend on paid search methods. Our local profile has improved, too.”
Nicola Hill – Sales & Marketing Director, GEM Vending

The Client

GEM Vending is a leading vending machine supplier, boasting more than 40 years industry experience. They got in touch with Hallam because they wanted to improve their organic search rankings.

The Challenge

The marketing team at GEM recognised the importance of online lead generation but without good rankings in Google, they had to rely heavily on pay per click advertising to get traffic from their target audience.

Their management team set the goal of reducing the amount they spent on Google advertising and most importantly creating a positive return on investment on their marketing spend.

Our Approach

The team at Hallam designed and delivered a comprehensive SEO strategy including a review of GEM’s current website. They identified the key barriers that were stopping the website from ranking well.

The SEO strategy also included a drive to optimise GEM’s existing assets, which included YouTube videos and product imagery.

As the number of leads started to grow rapidly, Hallam created a business case justifying the cost of developing a new website. They then supported the GEM marketing team every step of the way, from developing the site architecture to migrating to the new hosting service.

The Results


GEM Vending has achieved its goal of eliminating their reliance on paid search advertising.  Their organic visibility now generates 19% of the leads coming into their business.

If they used paid advertising to achieve the visitor numbers they are getting from organic traffic, they would need to spend £3,500 per month.

GEM recently launched a new search engine friendly and mobile friendly website. With Hallam’s support, the potentially risky website launch passed without any hitches and they didn’t experience any fall in traffic or loss of leads.

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