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The client

Haddonstone are market leaders in architectural cast stonework, creating bespoke products to any requirement, in addition to offering an extensive range of standard designs.

Remaining true to their heritage spanning 50 years, all their products are handcrafted and made to order in their manufactory in Northamptonshire.

The challenge

In order to establish a prominent position online, Haddonstone hired us to collaborate as an extension of their marketing department. The primary goal for Haddonstone was to establish a dominant online presence in Organic and Paid search in both the UK and US markets.

The solution

Our approach to meeting Haddonstone’s objectives focused on executing an integrated search strategy aimed at customer acquisition and sales objectives as well as brand building. From day 1, we have been part of the Haddonstone team.

The SEO strategy focused on new customer acquisition by targeting non-brand keywords based on their revenue potential. Once keyword targets had been identified, we worked with key stakeholders to identify themes and key messages to be worked into a formalised plan.

The primary objective of content was to inspire, educate and inform new customers as they moved along the conversion path from awareness to purchase.
This was combined with online PR to increase awareness, traffic, engagement and conversion rates across multiple channels and touchpoints.

In regards to our Paid media approach, we needed to ensure that the budget we had to work with for both markets was primarily focused on generating revenue for the client because of their previous experiences with Paid Media and some internal stakeholders holding reservations about the service.

In line with this, we worked with Haddonstone to create a shopping and search campaign strategy which put emphasis on their key products only. These products were either big margin drivers or fitting with the time of year. These would be reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.

This not only helped the Hallam and Haddonstone teams complement each other’s work effectively but also drove some great results as it ensured all activity was relevant and aided the business with their overall marketing goals for that period.

Later in the year, when we had proven Paid Media’s effectiveness, we launched a remarketing campaign in which we reconnected with non-converting website visitors, showcasing monthly special offers. Again, ensuring our activity was always up to date and aiding the marketing objectives for that time.

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