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“We have a fantastic working relationship with Hallam Internet who goes the extra mile to support us as clients whenever we need it.”
Hayley Higgins, Marketing Manager – IML

The Client

IML are global leaders in high-performance label printing, specialising in labels for tough environments. The IML website showcases the various applications for their products, and demonstrates the wide range of industries they work with.

The Challenge

IML used to have an international website as well as three separate industry-specific satellite sites, which made it hard for them to keep on top of online activity and measure success. Without any key performance indicators set up properly, it was difficult for them to see what was working and what wasn’t.

The main IML website included the details of hundreds of label products, but wasn’t functioning well as a means of driving customers to pick up the phone or send an email enquiry.

The satellite sites worked well from a user experience perspective, but there was a concern that having these additional websites was diluting the brand’s online presence, and the maintenance of the sites was draining resources.

Our Approach

The first task Hallam undertook for IML was a migration review. This involved an analysis of all of their existing sites, so an informed decision on the best way forward could be made. The conclusion of this report was to develop a new website for IML and merge all of their existing sites into one. This approach would enable IML to have a stronger online presence and manage their website more efficiently.

Hallam assisted with the development of the new website by covering everything from keyword research and SEO to content writing and design input. They also provided social media training and developed a content marketing strategy.

Once the new website was launched, Hallam worked with IML to reflect on the user actions they could track to measure its performance. They set up a Google Tag Manager account to track a range of conversions on the website including email address clicks, software downloads and phone number clicks.

The Results


Using Google Tag Manager to track online conversions has enabled IML to use the data from the new website to understand their customers better.

Tracking industry-specific email address clicks, for example, allows them to measure exactly where online enquiries are coming from and break down new leads by sector.

The optimisation work undertaken during the development of the website has led to an impressive boost in rankings for many important keywords, with many now ranking number one organically.

The improvement in rankings has also driven an increase in traffic, with 20% more organic visitors to the site year on year.

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