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“From the start Hallam hit the ground running and exceeded all our expectations.  They really understood our brand and business objectives – designing a website that not only looks great but has a user experience and SEO links that significantly increased our customer conversions.  

As we continue to grow it’s reassuring that Hallam can manage all our digital strategy, everyone we’ve come into contact with has been incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with.”

Jack Norgate – Group Operations Manager

The Client

Kwintessential is a global translation agency established 15 years ago. They provide customised solutions for a myriad of language services, and pride themselves on being able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their clients.

Based in the UK, this growing business has a global network of over 1,000 linguists and were founded on the principle of helping clients bridge the communication gap and break down language barriers. They understand that one size never fits all for their clients, and aim to provide the perfect solution whether it’s a one-off technical translation or an ongoing service relationship.

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The Challenge

With a reliance on online lead generation, Kwintessential’s website and digital strategy is crucial to their business success. Their site had been redesigned a number of times and as a result of this they had seen organic visibility drop dramatically.

Their online performance was hampered by a slow website with a design interface that didn’t reflect their brand values, together with confusing navigation and a poor user experience.

Kwintessential knew that key search words weren’t being used to their full effect, and expressed concern that their competitors were gaining ground.

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Our Approach

Working closely with Kwintessential we researched their marketplace and key competitors, making sure we fully understood their brand values and business goals. This was followed by a rigorous SEO audit which uncovered a number of errors and incorrect links to other sites.

We went on to agree and deliver a comprehensive update of their digital strategy, developing a brand new look and feel for the website and refreshing their logo. New engaging content and images reflected this forward thinking organisation that had resonance with their brand values and target audience. Intuitive navigation with a clear call to action helped to create a simplified, more relevant user experience, which lead to an immediate uplift in online enquiries and conversions.

We implemented a number of strategies that meant their organic search visibility improved significantly; site speed was optimised, relevant, quality links were put in place and key search words were reviewed and optimised. With ongoing maintenance and monitoring, Kwintessential continues to see growth.


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With Hallam’s expertise, Kwintessential has not only recovered search visibility but seen the number of organic mobile conversions increase by 38% and an incredible 367.94% uplift in organic traffic to their translation services.

Together with a 66% increase from online conversions, Kwintessential is delighted that the website delivers above and beyond their expectations.

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