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A unified SaaS search strategy that resulted in a 168% increase in won revenue

900 %

ROI on paid search activity

29 %

increase in sales qualified opportunities

168 %

increase in won revenue YoY

The client

Orgvue is SaaS enterprise software for HR and finance teams, helping business leaders to make data-driven decisions about their workforce with confidence.

As a division of Concentra Analytics, Orgvue gives clarity on what’s really going on in an organisation, so that business leaders can confidently get the right people doing the right things at the right time.

Their software enables businesses to become more agile, accelerate transformation programmes, optimise mergers and acquisitions, reduce costs and pivot large organisations through the kind of change and disruption many businesses have had to navigate in recent times.

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The challenge

We were approached to help create a sustainable marketing pipeline that would drive consistent revenue growth.

In 2019, Orgvue were at a pivotal moment in their journey, juggling a full rebrand with market repositioning, new website launch, developing a new go-to-market strategy and case studies for their platform. At a key point of change with big, hairy, audacious plans for growth, they needed a partner who could help them to achieve that.

Orgvue came to us with the objective of driving a sustainable marketing pipeline and revenue growth through digital channels, specifically through a programme of unified organic and paid search.

One of their main requirements for an agency was for them to balance a strong commercial understanding of their business with digital and technical skills: to create a long-term, fully integrated partnership with both Orgvue’s internal marketing teams and their partners.

As an additional challenge, Orgvue were also open about their situation. As a fast-growing business, there were several unknowns ahead. They needed an agency partner who could be both flexible in their approach and equally excited to join Orgvue on their journey.

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What we did

We created a unified search strategy that would lay the foundations for their success, both now and in the future.

When Orgvue launched their new website, we developed a taxonomy and full-funnel keyword strategy to lay the foundations for organic success. Since the site launch, we’ve continued sustained content creation, optimisation and link building programmes to further boost organic visibility for the core topics that have resulted in high intent leads, meetings and opportunities for Orgvue.

Optimised Paid Search

For paid search, we restructured and optimised the paid search campaigns across Google and Bing to reduce wastage, increase efficiency and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). We then took things a step further by calculating the values of each different type of lead, feeding this data back into Google Ads to allow for smart bidding towards maximising conversion value with a limited budget.

When it came to PPC, the strategy was to pivot and segment search query data to block irrelevant or low intent keywords with negative keywords. This allowed Orgvue to use phrase match keywords still, casting a wide net on niche terms. As paid keywords can have cost-per-clicks of over £100 in their market, it was imperative to control the search queries which triggered the ads.

We also used first-party data from Orgvue’s CRM to do a full analysis on user queries, location, gender, age and time of day, looking at the impact those dimensions had later down the long sales process. This segmented users to extract ones from target companies with a high likelihood to convert.

Alongside this, we also created dynamic content landing pages to show unique titles and headings to each individual ad group, resulting in greatly increased conversion rates and lowered ad costs.

A unified approach

As part of our unified approach, our team combined SEO and paid media data to make informed strategic decisions to increase overall search visibility and drive MQLs, meetings and closed-won revenue. We used search term data from the PPC campaigns and pipeline data from Hubspot to help make informed decisions on which topics to focus on for Orgvue’s organic keyword strategy.

For example, the term “workforce planning” was converting really well, not only into demo requests, but also MQLs and meetings. The team ensured this became one of Orgvue’s core pillar pages, which was in line with their brand positioning in the market.

The results

Our work created record growth from digital channels, helping to deliver a 900% ROI on paid search activity, resulting in their first ever new business win through search channels, an important landmark for Orgvue.

We created a bespoke data studio dashboard to report on results across paid media and organic search, giving combined data as well as separate breakdowns. This became very helpful in how it enabled the team at Orgvue to generate more budget for search activity as a whole, rather than seeing SEO and PPC as siloed activities. The dashboards also indicated at a keyword level what was performing well, informing ongoing strategy and optimisation.

  • 900% ROI on paid search activity
  • 29% increase in sales qualified opportunities
  • 168% increase in closed-won revenue YoY

Our team’s work on the paid search campaigns resulted in the first-ever, closed-won deals for Orgvue through Google Search and Bing. As well as seeing increases in traffic and software demo requests, combined closed-won revenue has increased by 168%.

The combined positive results and the quality of leads garnered have all set new high benchmarks and enabled Orgvue to make the case for increased investment in this financial year.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Kathy Harvey, Orgvue’s Head of Digital Marketing, explains the challenge, our work together and the results we helped to deliver.

“As a leader, my main aim is to create an environment in which talent can thrive. The team at Hallam are all incredibly talented and the numbers just show how much they’ve thrived – they’ve been absolutely incredible. I’m so proud of the team, how acutely they listened, how flexible they’ve been, how much they grasped the commercials and then translated those into search marketing magic. We are now expanding how we use Hallam: for example, they are currently working on a user experience design project for our website. We’re a fast-growth business who has laid a very firm strategic foundation; what’s really exciting is having amazing people on that growth journey with us, like the team at Hallam. As we’ve evolved, grown and developed our own maturity as a business, Hallam has been amazing at learning and adapting as we have had to: their flexibility, kindness and patience has been key to our success. The team are such lovely people, such a joy to work with, which has made the whole experience so enjoyable.”

Kathy Harvey, Head of Digital Marketing at Orgvue

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