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Since partnering with the team at Hallam we have been strongly focused on our digital marketing. We know that our customers, and potential customers, are actively engaged in digital content and social media. The key to success is a great content strategy; to ensure we are providing useful, engaging and relevant content to our customers and stakeholders. Hallam has been pivotal to ensuring we achieve our goals and are
prepared for the future of digital content.”

Mark Radley – Managing Director, Radleys

Executive Summary

Before Hallam came on board, Radleys had a low internet visibility which influenced lead generation and revenue growth. Hallam developed a content marketing campaign with the idea of tailoring each stage of the buying cycle in order to educate, inform, and convert visitors into customers. Our content marketing strategy resulted in a 57% increase in organic search engine traffic and 273% growth in social media visitors.

The Client

Radleys manufacture scientific glassware and laboratory equipment and have a client base including leading blue chip industrial and academic research facilities around the world. A key part of their business development process is the education of their user base to raise awareness of their solutions.

The Challenge

The management team at Radley’s knew they need to inform and educate their prospective clients in order to convert them into customers. And the management team knew it was essential to make it easier for prospective clients to discover them on the Internet in order to attain their ambitious lead and revenue generation targets.

The question was how to generate the right kind of content that would increase the volume of well-qualified traffic to the website which would support their business growth targets.

Our Approach

The team at Hallam identified the cornerstone of this successful digital campaign: creating content tailored for each stage of their target market’s buying cycle in order to educate, inform, and convert visitors into customers. We developed a highly targeted collection of blog content that included infographics, articles, and competitions. This content increased the company’s visibility in the search engines, and as a first stage drove more organic search traffic to the site.

We also devised individual strategies and content for each social network with the aim of helping Radleys to become the informational resource of choice for laboratory productivity.
We also ran a successful social media competition “Build a Lego Lab” that had as its objective to reach a wider audience and getting children more engaged in science.

The Results


The new content created by Hallam on the website resulted in a 57% increase in organic search engine traffic and a 12-time increase in organic visitors to their fresh blog content. Visits to the Radley’s website from social media increased by 273% And most importantly lead generation via qualified Contact Us form enquiries from all channels are up 80% year on year.

Radleys are getting the search engine rankings and visibility they require, building stronger relationships and engaging with the scientific community on social media, and achieving their business growth goals.

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