Roof Maker

Digital strategy delivered a 143% increase in return on investment

143 %

Increase in Return on Investment

48 %

Decrease in Cost per Acquisition

1,840 %

Increase in the number of sales calls

We have some very aggressive growth targets, and we appointed Hallam to broaden our digital marketing mix to become less dependent on our existing routes to market. They demonstrated great AdWords Display Advertising expertise and achieved a really strong ROI and conversion results on this previously underutilised channel for us.

Lee Harries – Head of E-commerce, Roof Maker

The Challenge

After a highly successful financial year end, the management team at Roof Maker set the standard for the new year by establishing even more ambitious growth targets. And they decided that working with an expert partner like Hallam would help them to meet these goals. Their primary objective was to increase the call volume from visitors to the website, one of their primary source of leads.

Roof Maker wanted to reduce its dependency on existing routes to market. Their initial plan was to use the AdWords Display network with the traditional aim of increasing brand awareness which in turn would generate more web traffic.

They suspected online advertising had much more to offer, but they weren’t sure about the best strategy and tactics to extract maximum value from this channel.

Our Approach

The expert paid search team at Hallam reviewed Roof Maker’s current Display performance and identified the key problem: the traffic resulting from the legacy Display campaigns was adding little value to the business. A new approach was required. Hallam built an architecture of new campaigns with better-defined structures and targeting, which allowed Roof Maker to reach a wider more relevant audience. This enabled Hallam to design the campaigns in a way to achieve the primary objective, driving sales calls, as well as meeting other secondary goals.

Specifically, the team defined the opportunity to leverage the high volumes of traffic being generated, by populating a range of audience lists to fuel remarketing campaigns across a range of integrated platforms.

Due to the low cost of generating a high volume of the traffic, conversions were being amassed at a very economical rate. Once the remarketing activity was live, we were able to be highly specific with our targeting, and the Return on Investment across the whole of the Display network improved even further.

The Results

Roof Maker is a high growth business and they needed to feed their sales channel to maintain these growth targets. The Hallam campaign ticked all the boxes: driving a higher volume of traffic to the website and dramatically increasing the number of sales calls directly attributable to this campaign.

The overall effect was the Cost Per Acquisition almost halved, the number of sales calls increased by 18-fold, and the Return on Investment increased by 143%.

With call volumes increasing so significantly, it was clear that using the Display network kept Roof Maker on its upward trajectory and exceeding their sales goals.

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