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“Hallam has provided us with a robust mix of strategic direction setting combined with practical execution. The Hallam team has been our “critical friend” – challenging our thinking, raising our awareness of new marketing opportunities, and providing us with support and guidance.”

Sally Middlemiss – Director, Rutland Cycling

The Client

Rutland Cycling is one of the UK’s leading cycling and leisure retailers. This family owned business has ambitious growth targets, which are being supported by Hallam’s strategic direction and guidance.

The Challenge

In addition to five specialist bike shops, Rutland Cycling is one of the UK’s top 10 online cycling retailers.  Their combined bricks and mortar and e-commerce strategy is a key differentiator, and the challenge the business faced was how to be best in class in a highly competitive online marketplace.

Driving more traffic to their site, creating an exceptional user experience, and staying at least one step ahead of the competition were the obvious tactics for online success. But for Rutland, visitor numbers were falling, customer expectations were rising, and the competition was heating up. Nevertheless, the management team was confident there was plenty of scope for continued expansion in the buoyant online marketplace, but they weren’t sure how to tackle the job.

What they needed was a clear vision and plan of action to remain a dominant player in the field.

Our Approach

Hallam has developed a long-term relationship with the team at Rutland Cycling, and they’ve worked together since 2012.  Their relationship started as a training partner working to develop Rutland’s in-house skills, and over time this evolved seamlessly into consultancy services.

Visibility in the search engines has always been a top priority for the Rutland Cycling marketing team, and one of Hallam’s first tasks was the removal of the Google penalty they had incurred from unethical legacy link building. Hallam delivered an SEO plan for driving traffic, which included keyword research, on page optimisation and link building.

They developed a content marketing strategy, which included creating blog posts, infographics, informative articles and videos, designed to position Rutland Cycling as a thought leader in the cycling community.

They also advised them on their local SEO campaign to raise the visibility of their retail outlets and drive customer footfall.

Working alongside their development team, they provided strategic guidance and advice on planning their new website and ensured a smooth transition during the migration.

They also identified Digital PR as a great method of promoting Rutland Cycling’s offers, building brand awareness, and increasing the authority of their web domain.

The Results


Working alongside the team at Hallam, Rutland Cycling has successfully positioned itself as a thought leader and developed their brand into a premier destination for the cycling community.  This strategy has enabled them to increase their online sales and achieve a 76% increase in online revenue.

In addition to strategic guidance, Hallam returned Rutland Cycling to Google’s good books by removing the Google penalty and developing a technical plan for successfully launching their new website.

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