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“We needed clear, practical advice that we could trust in order to make our ecommerce operation more successful. The money we have invested working with Hallam has certainly paid dividends.”

Asad Ali – Digital Marketing Manager, Scruffs

The Client

Scruffs is the UK’s fastest growing performance workwear brand and is part of the Travis Perkins Group. Their e-commerce website sells safety footwear, workwear, and accessories.

The Challenge

As a specialist online retailer, the Scruffs website was not achieving the kind search engine rankings the brand deserved.  This meant prospective clients were not discovering the Scruffs brand online.  The management team was confident that certain key phrases demonstrated a need for their products and the intention to make a purchase online. Safety trainers, work trousers, and women’s work boots were some of the wide range of target product phrases.

But it wasn’t enough just to have rankings in the search engines and a higher volume of traffic. Improving their e-commerce conversion rate was going to be key to the success of their online venture. Scruffs, therefore, needed to ensure visitors to their website had an exceptional customer experience, so it was easy to buy from them.

Our Approach

Hallam undertook a comprehensive SEO review of the Scruffs website, producing a new navigation structure and creating an SEO plan of action in order to drive the site up the Google rankings.  The goal was to generate higher rankings in order to deliver better-qualified visitors to the website.

As part of the Scruffs SEO project, Hallam also delivered a technical overhaul of the site and a comprehensive rewrite and optimisation of all the category and subcategory pages.

They identified a number of simple but effective improvements in order to increase the likelihood of a visitor to the site making a purchase. They continue to design and test changes to the site in order to boost conversion rates and increase revenue.

The Results


Overall, Hallam’s digital marketing campaign resulted in a doubling of e-commerce revenue year on year, within the first 3 months.

The increase in revenue was due in part to the SEO campaign, which delivered an impressive increase in rankings for the most important phrases, with a broad range of phrases now ranking in top positions. The improvement in rankings has also driven an increase in traffic, with 23% more visitors to the site year on year.

Hallam’s advice on conversion rate optimisation made an important contribution to doubling revenue, with the conversion rate on the website rising by 170%.

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