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Helping the world's leading swimwear brand improve their design output

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Executive summary

Speedo approached Hallam having identified that their website suffered from complex design and inconsistent user experience. Our team applied user experience (UX) best practice to provide a simple framework for scalable design and consistency across online channels. The internal platform created by Hallam’s web team enabled one of the world’s best international swimwear brands to streamline how they used their brand across all digital channels and unite multiple stakeholders across numerous departments.

The client

Speedo is part of Pentland Brands Limited which is the name behind some of the world’s best sports, outdoor and fashion brands. Speedo operates over 1,300 sports, fashion and outdoor stores across 12 countries.

The challenge

Speedo was facing complex design challenges in their business, all of which centred around the online digital brand experience.

In order to easily scale internal teams and deliver increasingly sophisticated digital campaigns and products, they needed a better way of managing design workflows and a clear definition of what makes a great user experience.

They were looking to achieve the following:

  • Improve consistency of their brand online and improve brand cohesion
  • Remove the possible subjectiveness relating to how the brand was used online
  • Create a visual framework for collaboration around which design, product and development teams could unite to drive better outcomes

Our approach

We worked with internal teams to deliver a practical user experience framework delivered as a set of digital experience guidelines.

This design system gives internal teams at Pentland a common visual language around which they can collaborate on digital projects, deliver faster and reduce waste.

From marketing teams through to design, content and development, the digital experience guidelines help safeguard the brand, promote best practice user experience patterns, and provide a simple framework for scalable design delivered using a powerful, searchable drag-and-drop user interface.


Hallam provided a visual framework that allows teams to easily unite around a common design language. Multiple stakeholders, across numerous brands were also united.

The digital experience guidelines and platform that were created enabled Speedo to streamline the use of their brand across all digital channels, allowing the brand to maintain its integrity. It is owned by the Pentland Digital team and will constantly evolve, based on user insights, so that it is always relevant.

“Together we’ve collated user data, industry best practice and a wide range of input from across the business to create a set of meaningful and easy to use guidelines.”

Rachel Starling, Assistant Digital Experience Manager at Pentland Brands

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