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Are we an ecommerce SEO agency or an ecommerce PPC agency? Well, the answer is both, plus a lot more besides. So, whether you’re looking to drive traffic and increase conversions with search engine optimisation, or grow revenue and maximise profits with paid activity, you’ll find lots of sound advice on these blogs written by the experts who have helped to make Hallam the best integrated search agency in the world.


Not just for Christmas: how to drive long-term impact this holiday season

In the last instalment of our new blog series, we explore the long-term impact of your seasonal campaigns.


Black Friday: Time to change the channel

In the third instalment of our new blog series, we explore using other channels in Black Friday to get your…


Stay true to your brand this Black Friday

In the second instalment of our new blog series, we explore staying true to your brand throughout the Black Friday…

Digital Strategy

How to cut through the noise for Black Friday and beyond

In the first instalment of our new blog series, we explore how your brand can stand out this Black Friday.


The Digital-Ready Culture Guide

This guide identifies 5 of the biggest problems being faced by marketing teams in the UK today. Our experts navigate…


Pros and Cons of Live Chat For Your Business

There are plenty of benefits that live chat can give to your business, but it’s worth evaluating the negative impact…


Google Smart Shopping Switchover: A year-on-year review

Google Smart Shopping fully automates and optimises your Google shopping campaign by taking care of placements, product grouping, bidding, bid…


Google Analytics 4: what to expect

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) represents the largest shift in Google Analytics of all time.


How to use Google Trends to gain a competitive edge

From finding new products to sell on your ecommerce website to searching for content ideas, the list of potential uses…

Content Marketing

Do you know your marketing acronyms?

Keep up with those jargon-filled marketing conversations with this list of acronyms every marketer should have in their arsenal.


What is WooCommerce?

A crash course covering what WooCommerce is and how it can help help you to get established in the eCommerce…


The Future of Digital Marketing eBook (2021 edition)

This eBook will give you an insight into what the experts believe the future of digital marketing will look like.

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