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Web Design + Development

We’ve some pretty impressive experience when it comes to the design and build of fast, flexible and secure websites that do a lot more than just look good, using the world’s most popular content management system.

Whether you’re planning a new website, want to improve the accessibility of an existing site or just looking for examples of great sites, take a look at these blogs from the specialists providing our web design services and Wordpress development services.

Web Design + Development

9 steps for planning a new website

Planning a new website? Here are nine steps to follow that will ensure your new website delivers effectively for your…


How to improve website accessibility

Are you looking for a starting point into the vast discipline of accessibility? We'll delve into real practices and tools…

Web Design + Development

Applied neuromarketing: the science of marketing

Now, this isn’t about mind control as such, but there is a science to marketing. Marketing essentially manipulates the brains…


How to switch domains without losing rankings and traffic

Changing domain names can be the stuff of SEO nightmares.

Web Design + Development

The Jamstack: licking the spoon of headless web development

Headless web development sadly doesn't actually have anything to do with jam...

Web Design + Development

How the future of work at Hallam is helping colleagues with disabilities

Living and working in a world where your disability isn’t always visible to others.


A Q&A with our new Experience Director, Kier Humphreys

He’s straight-talking, a self-confessed data nerd and always brings a heavy sprinkle of sarcasm with him. This week, we (virtually)…


Colour: A lesson for preschool or a powerful manipulation tool?

You may think that the topic of colour isn’t that deep - how far can it go really beyond choosing…

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