Choosing keywords for SEO (search engine optimisation) is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Once you know the killer keywords that your customers are using to search for your products, you can build your SEO plan accordingly.

So, how do you go about finding those killer keywords? Here are my tips:


1. Brainstorm keywords you think you should use

It’s an obvious, but important step.  What does your company do?  What do you sell?  Starting with a basic list of your products or services is an easy way to get some initial keyword ideas. But once you’ve got the obvious keywords on paper, dig deeper and add subcategories.

For example, you own a beauty salon and all you have on your keyword list is waxing, facials and massages. That’s a great start, but you can do better. Don’t you actually offer eyebrow waxing , leg waxing and bikini line waxing (ouch!)? When choosing keywords for SEO, you’re not just aiming for the most obvious ones, but also the more specific phrases.

With a little bit of thought, you can probably come up with some two or more word keyphrases, and you’re on your way to developing a good SEO strategy.


2. Keyword research: the secret weapon of SEO

There’s a secret weapon used by search engine optimisation experts the world over – Google Keyword Planner. This will show you if your customers are using synonyms, misspellings, singular or plural versions of your keywords, and more. Let’s look at our beauty salon, who came up with the keywords “leg waxing”:

Killer Keywords

You can see some basic variations to do with leg waxing that they might expect. But you’ll also see gems, like “leg waxing tips” and “how long does leg waxing last?”

Further down, you can also see:

Killer Keywords

These could be smartly optimised articles with titles like, “How long does leg waxing last? Only an hour with Our Beauty Salon”. Or they might suggest new markets to target.  Who knew men long for silky smooth legs too?

This example may seem silly, but it’s unexpected keyword results like this that might suggest killer keywords, and new directions for your SEO campaign.


3. Long-tail keyphrases

Here’s another top tip for successful search engine optimisation.  Searchers who are looking to buy or book something will often use three or four keywords in their search engine query. These are known as long-tail keyphrases, and you want to find the ones that your customers are using to uncover your killer keywords.

If a potential customer for our beauty salon searches for leg waxing, here’s what they’ll see:

Killer Keywords

Not very useful.  They are far more likely to get what they want if they search for “professional leg waxing Nottingham” or “men’s leg waxing Nottingham”.  It is these keyword phrases that you need to identify and start using.

You’ll generally find that fewer people are searching for your long-tail keyphrases.  But the ones that do are more likely to become customers, and this is why choosing keywords for SEO relies heavily on whole phrases. Visitors will be especially likely to become customers if your website is well-optimised and full of useful content to help them buy your product or service.

So, to identify the killer keywords that will make your SEO strategy a runaway success, remember to:

  • Brainstorm your keywords
  • Research your keywords
  • Think outside the box – never miss an SEO opportunity suggested by keyword research
  • Start thinking like a customer and develop long-tail keyphrases.

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