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British consumers have a higher level of trust in .uk domain names, and a loyalty to local websites.

Nominet’s Domain Name Industry Report (PDF) provides some useful marketing information regarding trends and developments in the UK domain name market and behaviours.

Here are my highlights:

  • British Internet users are six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine
  • And a YouGov survey found that 62% of users believe a .uk address suggests that a company is local or more relevant than .com.
  • When searching for a particular company on the Internet, 72% said they would visit a British address above any other.
  • And an independent online survey in August 2007 found that 60% of UK marketing professionals would choose to buy a co.uk domain name
  • The vast majority (92.4%) of .uk domain name registrants are based at a UK address, with the largest proportion of registrants based outside the UK being in North America
  • 25% of domain names that are cancelled are then re-registered (presumably by somebody else) within one day, and 7% are re-registered within 10 seconds of cancellation
  • Only 12% of all UK domain names are registered in the East Midlands

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